RAL-e series

RAL-e has a focus on disseminating substantive results and technical data.

The following refereed volumes have been published electronically and are available free-of-charge.

He Whenua Rangatira: A Mana Māori History of the Early–Mid Nineteenth Century
By Mānuka Hēnare. Edited by Amber Nicholson, Billie Lythberg and Anne Salmond.
With an afterword by Anne Salmond.
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"Cultural change in Tongan bark-cloth manufacture": The scholarship and legacy of Maxine J. Tamahori
Phyllis S. Herda, Billie Lythberg, eds. 2017.
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Housing children: South Auckland — The housing pathways longitudinal study
Kathryn Scott, Patricia Laing, Julie Park. 2016.
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Archaeology at Opita: Three hundred years of continuity and change
Caroline Phillips, Harry Allen. 2013.
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An evaluation of sample adequacy for the Lapita-style ceramic assemblages from three sites located in the Reef/Santa Cruz group, Outer Eastern Islands of the Solomons.
Roger C Green. 2009.
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Multiplying and dividing: Tuberculosis in Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand
Judith Littleton, Julie Park, Ann Herring, Tracey Farmer, eds. 2008.
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Normal humanness, change and power in human assisted reproductive technology: An analysis of the written public submissions to the New Zealand Parliamentary Health Committee in 2003
Julie Park, Laura McLauchlan, Elizabeth Frengley. 2008.
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Geoarchaeological investigation of Aboriginal landscape occupation in Paroo-Darling National Park, Western NSW, Australia
Simon J. Holdaway, Patricia C. Fanning, Justin Shiner. 2006.
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Published conference abstracts of the Australasian Society for Human Biology