Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations is about relationships that involve power, authority, influence, conflict, co-operation, selfishness and altruism. We were in the top 100 for politics in the 2015 QS World University Rankings.

Politics is not just what politicians do, although governments provide a large part of it. One of the basic questions we ask is "who gets what, when, and how?" Instruments of politics include discussion, propaganda, persuasion, legislation, administration, threats, bribes and the use of armed force.

Politics and International Relations and your career

Politics and International Relations can give you the tools to be successful in both the public and private sectors. Our graduates have become public servants, politicians, diplomats, entrepreneurs, business and marketing executives, consultants, policy analysts, journalists and members of international and non-governmental organisations. Some also have careers as university staff in New Zealand and abroad, not always in Politics and International Relations.

Study options in Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and is taught by Politics and International Relations in the School of Social Sciences.

You may also be interested in the Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies, the Master of Public Policy, or the Master of Professional Studies in International Relations and Human Rights.

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