Recent thesis topics for the PhD in English.


  • Trofimova, Evija. "Paul Auster's Writing Machine: A Thing to Write With."
  • Treep, Elizabeth (Lucy). "An Imagined Space: The Dynamics of Home in Eve Langley's Novels."
  • Jeffreys, Alison. "Poetry and the Dynamics of Nature: Australia, Canada and New Zealand, 1920s to 1940s."
  • Boswell, Anna. "'Shakey notions': Settlement History on Display."


  • Olsen, Gregory David Paul. “Byron and God - Representations of Religion in the Writings of Lord Byron.”
  • Willis, Emma. "Absent Others: Dark Tourism, Theatricality, and Ethical Spectatorship."


  • McWilliams, Amber. “Our Lands, Our Selves: the postcolonial literary landscape of Maurice Gee and David Malouf.”
  • Poulsen, Ann Katrina Ingrid. “Another Way with Words - Language as a Twentieth-Century Art Practice.”
  • Hoare, Sally Ann “A Critical edition of The Triumphant Widow, or the Medley of Humours by William Cavendish and Thomas Shadwell”. Dean’s List
  • Cole, John Jeremy. “'Radical Difference': Wordsworth's Classical Imagination and Roman Ethos.”
  • Koroi, Bale Theresa Koula “The Long Way Home: Oral Narratives of Fiji. The Kau ni mata ni gone Ceremony.”.
  • Ooi, Kathy. “Reorientations: A Critical Study of Chineseness in New Zealand Literature.”
  • Zabicka , Agnieszka Izabela “Towards Feminist Aesthetics: Narrative Fissures and Bridging Strategies in the Novels by Mona Caird (1854-1932).”
  • Lloyd, Bronwyn Margaret. “Daemons and Dream Children: The Secret Lives of Rita Angus's Symbolic Portraits.”
  • Olsen, Kerryn Ruth. “Questions of Identity: Rewriting Anglo-Saxon Female Saints in Post-Conquest England c.1066-c.1500.”
  • Khan, Mahrukh Saeed. “Voicing the Other: Female Narrators in the Fiction of J.M. Coetzee and Albert Wendt.”


  • Pistacchi, Ann Katherine. “Spiralling Subversions: The Politics of Maori Cultural Survivance in the Recent Critical Fictions of Patricia Grace, Paula Morris, and Kelly Ana Morey.” Dean’s List
  • Montgomery ,Keith David. “Torrent of Portyngale: A Critical Edition.”
  • Smeed, Juliette. "The Material Life in Dickens' Novels."
  • Hunt, Alison. ""The Cage with the Open Door": Autobiography and Psychiatry in the Life and Works of Robin Hyde."


  • Marquis, Claudia Michaela. “Principled Pleasures: Reading the Fantastic in Victorian Children's Fiction.”
  • Dale, Margaret Claire. “Toward An Understanding Of The Languages And Politics Of Exchange, or In Search Of A Practical Elsewhere.”
  • King, Edmund George Coghill. “In The Character Of Shakespeare: Canon, Authorship, And Attribution In Eighteenth-Century England.”
  • Sturm, Sean Roderick. “Chamier the Epicurean: The Life and Works of George Chamier (1842-1915).”
  • Hunt , Alison Jane. “’The Cage with the Open Door’: Autobiography and Psychiatry in the Life and Works of Robin Hyde.”
  • Smeed, Juliette Emma. “The Material Life in Dickens' Novels.”


  • Elburg, Fredrika van. "The Vijftigers and the Language Poets: A Study of the Poetics of Two Experimental Groupings."
  • Haarhaus, Isabel. "Turning the stone of being': Migrant Poetics in the Novels of Janet Frame."


  • Hansen, Mei-Lin. "Te-Puea Aroha's Granddaughters: Representations of Maori Women in Maori Drama and Theatre 1980-2000."
  • Mountfort, Paul S. "Oracle-texts: the Western Tradition."
  • Roberson, Joanie M. "Poetry will be made by all not by one': Poetry and Poetics in Five New Zealand Women Poets."
  • Sturm, Jennifer D. "Fictionalising the Facts: An exploration of the 'place' of Aoteroa/New Zealand in the post-war autobiographical fiction of Anna Kavan."
  • Vincent, Paul J. "WHEN harey MET SHAKESPEARE: The Genesis of The First Part of Henry the Sixth."
  • Haarhaus, Isabel. ""Turning the stone of being": Migrant Poetics in the Novels of Janet Frame."


  • Marsh, Selina A. T. "Ancient Banyans, Flying Foxes and White Ginger: Five Pacific Women Writers."
  • Moloney, Helen J. "Robin Hyde and Frank Sargeson: Liminal Voices in New Zealand Literature."


  • Hunter, Lani Kavika. "Spirits of New Zealand: Early Pakeha Writings on Maori."
  • Brillinger, Matthew D. "Nabokov's Humor: The Play of Consciousness."
  • Mackay, Morag. "A Colonial Tale of Fact and Fiction': Nineteenth Century New Zealand Novels by Women."
  • Battista, Jon L. "Me he korokoro komako ['With the throat of a bellbird'] Maori Aesthetic in Maori Writing in English."


  • Kelly, Frances J. "In 'that Borderland Between': The Ambivalence of A. S Byatt's Fiction."
  • Parker, Cynthia M. "Contentious Birds: A Study of a Singular Middle English Verse Tradition."
  • Trussell, Denys J. "Fingers round the earth: a biography of A.R.D. Fairburn."


  • Dugdale, Sarah J. "Gee's Territory: Pakeha Society in the Fiction of Maurice Gee."
  • Kerr, Donald J. "Building Monument More Enduring than Brass: Governor Sir George Grey, a Study of his Book Collecting and the Formation of his Libraries."
  • Nicholls, Helen K. "Making Connections: an investigation into the role of metacognitive strategising and explicit use of connectives in improving the reading and writing of academic text in a Year 11 secondary English programme."

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