Art History

Art History is the study of visual images and objects. We explore not only painting, drawing and sculpture, but also architecture, photography, video, performance, design and the decorative arts.

Art History develops the skills necessary to analyse and interpret a world that is saturated with images. It provides a deeper understanding of different cultural traditions and historical periods, and teaches us the importance of creativity and the freedom of the imagination.

Art History and your career

Studying Art History can build skills in creative thinking, design and planning, which are useful for careers in communication and media, marketing, journalism, conservation, exhibition management, galleries and auction houses, tourism, diplomacy, intellectual property and copyright law, and business management.

Art History has inspired curators, artists, performers, musicians, writers, politicians and entrepreneurs. It has also laid the basis for partnerships and joint projects with psychologists, social workers, community leaders and architects.

Study options in Art History

You have particular opportunities to study Māori and Polynesian visual cultures, the art of Aotearoa New Zealand, European and American art and visual culture throughout history and up to the contemporary period, and museums and curating.

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