Logic and Computation

The way a computer works is closely related to the laws of thought and the structure of language.

Logic and Computation studies the laws and methods of reasoning with symbolic representations, including human languages and digital information systems. We examine the structure, design and limitations of symbolic representations and procedures in human thought and computer software. Logic and Computation uses ideas and techniques from Computer Science, Linguistics, Mathematics and Philosophy. It could suit you if you are capable of creative, speculative thought as well as precise calculation and problem solving.

Logic and Computation and your career

Logic and Computation could lead to a research career in universities or the IT industry. It can also be useful for any career requiring skills in analysis, precise and creative thinking and the ability to communicate clearly, for example in business analysis.

Study options in Logic and Computation

Logic and Computation is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and is coordinated by Philosophy in the School of Humanities.

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