Asian Studies PhD Students

Name Email PhD Research

Jacob Cowan

The Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea: A Radical Approach to Identifying Types of Resistance

Patrick Flamm

South Korean Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

Haiying Hou

A reconsideration: Yoshioka Yayoi's view of womanhood

Youjin Lee

The expression of modality in Chinese; Sociolinguistics; Corpus linguistics.

Yi Li

Gender,Identity and Youth Culture in Contemporary China

Zoe Liang

Non-elite Women's Education in Tokugawa Japan

Sarah Lipura

Korean Student returnees from the Philippines

Xia Liu

Study of tao+VP and VP+tao in Xiang dialect of Hunan

Gao Yuan

A Study of intertexuality of Lin Yutang’s bilingual works and its enlightenment for the translation of contemporary Chinese literature into English