Asian Studies PhD Students

Name Email PhD Research

Jacob Cowan

The Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea: A Radical Approach to Identifying Types of Resistance

Haiying Hou

A reconsideration: Yoshioka Yayoi's view of womanhood

Isaac Wai Fung Iu

Language education, ideologies and national identity: studies in Chinese-language textbooks from China and Hong Kong.

Youjin Lee

A Corpus-based Sociolinguistic Study of Modal Auxillary Verbs in Beijing Mandarin

Linda Lei Heritage Language Learners of Chinese in New Zealand Universities

Zoe Liang

Japanese Gentility and Chinese Neo-Confucianism: Education for Elite Commoner Women in Early Modern Japan

Sarah Jane Lipura

The Lure of the Periphery and Aspired Futures: Korean Student Mobility in Fiji, India and the Philippines 

Joseph Miller  The CCP and Chinese History: A Tumultuous Relationship

Liu Xia

Study of tao+VP and VP+tao in Xiang dialect of Hunan

Li Yi

Conformity and Subversion: Adaption under Socialist Realism in China