Certificate of Proficiency

A Certificate of Proficiency (COP) is an option if you want to study just one or two courses.

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Is the COP for you?

The Certificate of Proficiency provides students with the opportunity:

  • To supplement their current knowledge before proceeding to advanced study.
  • To undertake a small number of courses in specific areas of interest without enrolling in a formal qualification. It is also an option if you want to study just one or two courses.
  • To undertake a limited number of University of Auckland courses while being enrolled at another tertiary institution. Note that transferring the credit back to your programme is subject to approval from your home institution.

Please be aware that the Certificate of Proficiency is approved on a semester-by-semester basis and is not suitable if you are pursuing a long-term course of study, or seeking the equivalent of full-time study.

If you are considering enrolling in a course as a COP then you are advised to contact the Arts Students' Centre for advice.

Pathway to postgraduate studies

A Certificate of Proficiency (COP) is one way you can take courses to bridge the gap between undergraduate and postgraduate study. A Certificate of Proficiency may be ideal for you if you wish to progress to graduate study but would like to take preparation courses first. This requires that the COP be deemed a more appropriate programme than a Transitional Certificate (TransCert), a Graduate Diploma of Arts (GradDipArts), or Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (PGDipArts).

COP courses cannot be reassigned into research masters degrees, and there are point limits and time limits for reassigning COPs into other postgraduate programmes. Any reassignments are subject to approval.

Please contact the Arts Students' Centre to discuss your options if you wish to use the Certificate of Proficiency as a bridging programme.

What can I study?

Any Arts subjects* may be taken for a Certificate of Proficiency provided that there are unfilled places in the course and any prerequisite, corequisite or other conditions are met. If you wish to take a combination of Arts and non-Arts courses this programme might be for you.

*In most cases this will exclude subjects such as Psychology, Statistics, Management, Economics, Education, Music, and other subjects outside of the Faculty of Arts.


If you are interested in learning a language you may wish to consider the Certificate in Languages or Diploma in Languages where you can take more than one or two language courses.

How to apply

The application process

  • When submitting the online application you will be asked to state your intended course(s). Only courses stated in this section of the form will be considered for your COP.
  • You will also be asked a series of questions which forms the basis of the application assessment. These questions include providing an academic rationale for your intended course of study. You may be contacted for additional information if required. 

Apply online

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