Bridging programmes

If you want to undertake postgraduate study in an area that is different from your undergraduate major, you may need to take a bridging programme first.


Discuss your plans with the Graduate Adviser for the subject you are interested in. The Graduate Adviser will specify any study you will need to complete before you can be admitted to a postgraduate programme.

Contact details for Graduate Advisers are on our school pages under “key contacts.”

Transitional Certificate - TransCert

The TransCert consists of undergraduate courses that the Graduate Adviser regards as appropriate preparation for you. This may range from two to eight courses, but would normally include four courses (60 points) at Stage III, with any necessary prerequisites.

To be admitted to postgraduate study you must pass these courses to the specified academic standard.

You will be awarded the Transitional Certificate only if you are afterwards enrolled for your intended postgraduate programme.

Graduate Diploma in Arts - GradDipArts

The GradDipArts involves a full year of study (120 points). Upon completion you will be awarded the GradDipArts whether or not you go on to your intended postgraduate study.

Find more information about the Graduate Diploma in Arts.

Certificate of Proficiency - COP

You may take any one or more courses for the COP, with the approval of the Associate Dean (Students). See more information about the Certificate of Proficiency.

More information

  • You must pass courses in your bridging programme with an appropriate level of competence to be subsequently admitted to a postgraduate programme.
  • You cannot include courses taken as preparatory study as part of your subsequent postgraduate programme.
  • Courses may not be cross-credited to any subsequent postgraduate programme. Courses taken for COP may not be subsequently transferred (reassigned) into a research masters or bachelors honours degree.
  • Refer to the programme regulations in the University of Auckland Calendar.