Current PhD students within English, Drama and Writing Studies

Current PhD students

Name Email PhD research
Joe Barnes Herman Melville's fiction in conversation with Hegel's master and slave dialectic
Andrew Clark Reading the future: Science fiction as a cultural system
Geri DMello Teaching through fandom: Online interpretive communities and public pedagogy focused on minority representation in popular media
Katea Duff Heretical ecstasy in twentieth-century literature.
Sepideh Firoozkoohi Representation and ideology in English-to-Persian literary translations, 1950-present
John Fox "A word to edify": Tropes of edification and community in Early Modern England
Sparkle Gibbs Calypso, costuming and migration - The three faces of mas
Ania Grant From Mr Darcy to Mr Big: Sexual selection and female choice in popular narratives for women
Morteza Hajizadeh Ecofeminism, landscape and gender in the British gothic novels of the 18th and 19th centuries
Anaise Irvine The enhancement assumption: An emerging sociology of the colonised genetic posthuman in contemporary fiction
Michelle Johansson Pasifika representation and loss in the published works of John Kneubuhl - Pasifika dramatist
Kristen Liesch Un/lacing the corset: Same-sex intimacy in the modernist movement
Grace Lim Medusa and her weird sisters: Representations of femininity in late British gothic fiction
Teemu Luoto
Sensory and cognitive pleasures as catalysts for romantic love
Natasha Maharaj Diasporic dramas: “Grandmother’s watch”
Tracy Miao Katherine Mansfield's stories in the light of variegated genres of Western modern art and traditional Chinese aesthetics
Bryonny Muir Bringing up the bodies: Golden age detective fiction and the buried past 1920-1970
Robin Peters Papatuanuku's progeny: First wave Māori women poets
Lorenz Poeschl The public pedagogy of identity
Pedro Da Silva The dramaturgy of the Actor: ‘Le Jeu’ as the dramaturgical element in acting training
Azure Engelbrecht Neo-Victorian Dickens
Daniel Satele The significance of blood in three vampire novels
Chantelle Saville Working memories: An exploration of traumatic memory and postmemory in a selection of late medieval fictional texts
Telli Shouri Literature of diaspora, in particular the disjointed formation of diasporic identities in the novels of Bharati Mukherjee and Jhumpa Lahiri
David Stillaman The poetic landscape of Central Otago
Robert Sullivan Mana moana: 5 Contemporary Polynesian poets in English
James Wenley Out of the island: New Zealand theatre's overseas experience
Qian Zhang The cinematic interpretation of Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage
Jingjing Zhao Emily Bronte and five romantic and post-romantic writers:  Intellectual trends in 19th-Century Europe