Current PhD students within English, Drama and Writing Studies

Current PhD students

Name Email PhD research
John Gordon Adams Lexical Grammars for New Poetry:  Joan Retallack's poethical alchemy
Joseph Christopher William Barnes Herman Melville's fiction in conversation with Hegel's master and slave dialectic
Sristi Bhattarai Minor Travels: The Aesthetics of Travel in Postcolonial Fiction
Eleanor Margaret Bloomfield York Evolving: Change and Permanence in the York Mystery Play Cycle
Mark Wayne Bond The transgressive imaginary and male homosexual desire in literature 1940-1970
Michael Jon Cole Written into the City: Reading Literary Scale in Two African Metropolises
Xiaojun Ding A Hongi of Sorts": a Literary "va" Connecting Taiwan to the Pacific through Metaphors
Katea Maria Duff Heretical Ecstasy in Twentieth Century Literature
Anna Grant From Mr. Darcy to Mr. Big: An evolutionary-feminist account of love and choice in popular romantic fiction
Severi Luoto Sensory and cognitive pleasures as catalysts for romantic love
Natasha Nina Maharaj Diasporic Dramas: “Grandmother’s Watch”
Maria Mitenkova Embattled Fictions: New Zealand Literary Intellectuals and their Publics
Bryonny Alyssia Muir Bringing Up The Bodies: Golden Age Detective Fiction and the Buried Past 1920-1970
Robin Joyce Peters Papatuanuku's Progeny: First Wave Maori Women Poets
Pedro Ramos Ilgenfritz Da Silva The Dramaturgy of the Actor: ‘Le Jeu’ as the dramaturgical element in acting training
Thomas James Romeo Jr Narrative flights: Searching for spiritual homes in the wilderness  
Daniel Michael Satele The significance of blood in three vampire novels
Wei Yao Traumas in Selected Works by Chinese American Women Writers, from 1909-2009
Qian Zhang The Cinematic Interpretation of Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage
Jingjing Zhao Emily Brontë and Four Romantic and Post-Romantic Writers—Intellectual Trends in 19th-Century Europe