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Tim Hazledine joined the Department in 1992 after two decades living in England and Canada. He was educated at Otago and Canterbury before enrolling at Warwick in 1972 to study industrial organisation.  He has taught at Otago, Warwick, Balliol College Oxford, Queen's University in Ontario and at the University of British Columbia where he was in the department of Agricultural Economics from 1983 to 1992. Professor Hazledine also has experience in government and consulting.

Over the 1991-2 academic year he held the T.D.MacDonald Chair in Industrial Economics at the Bureau of Competition Policy, in Ottawa. His research agenda is focused on problems of competitiveness and unemployment in small trading economies and competition and competition policy, most recently in the context of passenger air travel markets. His specialist teaching interests are Industrial Organisation, Public Economics, and Economic Reform in developed and transition economies.

Research | Current

My current active research areas are

1. Determinants and effects of CEO pay in NZ listed companies

2. Trust and Trade: Determinants of bilateral trade flows between countries in 2015

3. Trust, Inequality and Happiness across 140 countries, 2007-2017

Teaching | Current


ECON191 Business Economics, 800 students

POLICY702 Economics of Policy, 12 students


ECON202 Managerial Economics, 31 students

ECON761 Public Economics & Policy, 7 students


ECON202 Managerial Economics, 63 students

ECON761 Public Economics & Policy, 20 students

POLICY702 Economics of Policy, 23 students


ECON201 Intermediate Microeconomics, 200 students

POLICY702 Economics of Policy, 30 students 


ECON202 Managerial Economics, 40 students

POLICY702 Economics of Policy, 25 students


Postgraduate supervision


Christine Mak, Efficiency benefits from the Central Auckland Rail Loop [B Com (hons) dissertation]


Linda Tran, Poverty, Inequality and Social Outcomes across the OECD  [B Com (hons) dissertation]

Michael Wang, Determinants of Top Pay in the NZ Public Sector [B Com (hons) dissertation]


Rosa Kim, Competition and Entry in the NZ domestic airline market [B Com (hons) dissertation]

Leon Tan Ly,  Title unknown [B Com (hons) dissertation]

Mary Jo Vergara, Title unknown [B Com (hons) dissertation]

Nick Jowsey, Economic and Environmental Efficacy of Permanent Native and etc etc  [MPP Research Dissertation]


Aditya Das, An Appropriate Sports Funding Policy for NZ  [B Com (hons) dissertation

Sasha Soupen, Unintended Consequences of Cash Transfers on Gender Roles in Developing Countries [MPP Research Dissertation]


Ben Barton, Weather or Not? Examining the use of forecast data in demand prediction for perishable foods [M Com thesis]

Dina Mao, Fiscal Decentralisation at the Commune Level in Cambodia: A Cambodia-Thailand Policy Comparative Perspective  [MPP Research Dissertation]

Giang Le Thi Minh,  Fiscal Decentralisation in Vietnam  [MPP Research Dissertation]


Honorary Research Visitor, Centre for Transport Studies, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, ongoing since ca. 2014

Areas of expertise

  • Impacts of NZ's economic liberalisation policy alternatives for NZ
  • Trade & growth

Committees/Professional groups/Services

more than one hundred outreach activities  (public lectures, newspaper opinion pieces, media interviews), 2014-18

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Hazledine, T., Donovan, S., & Mak, C. (2017). Urban agglomeration benefits from public transit improvements: Extending and implementing the Venables model. Research in Transportation Economics, 66, 36-45. 10.1016/j.retrec.2017.09.002
  • Hazledine, T. (2017). A Few Hares to Chase: The Life and Economics of Bill Phillips. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PSYCHOLOGY, 61, 266-268. 10.1016/j.joep.2017.06.001
  • Hazledine, T. (2017). An augmented gravity model for forecasting passenger air traffic on city-pair routes. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 51 (3), 208-224.
  • Hazledine, T. (2017). Mixed pricing in monopoly and oligopoly: Theory and implications for merger analysis. New Zealand Economic Papers, 51 (2), 122-135. 10.1080/00779954.2017.1299198
  • Hazledine, T., & Rashbrooke, M. (2017). The New Zealand rich list twenty years on. New Zealand Economic Papers10.1080/00779954.2017.1354907
  • Gillen, D., & Hazledine, T. (2016). Pricing of regional airline services in Australia and New Zealand, 2011-2015. ECONOMIC PAPERS, 35 (2), 87-98. 10.1111/1759-3441.12133
  • Hazledine, T. (2015). Price discrimination, merger policy, and the competitive constraint of low-value customers in airline markets. Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 11 (4), 975-998. 10.1093/joclec/nhv031
  • Gillen, D., & Hazledine, T. (2015). The economics and geography of regional airline services in six countries. Journal of Transport Geography, 46, 129-136. 10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2015.06.009

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