Dr Stephen Winter

BA(Hons) (UBC), MA (Dalhousie), DPhil (Oxford)


Prior to my arrival here in February of 2007, I was a doctoral student and lecturer at the University of Oxford. Before Oxford, I studied at Dalhousie (MA) and the University of British Columbia (BA Hons). I grew up in Vancouver, Canada.

My teaching is mainly on and around areas of justice, rights and democracy, but my interests in political theory, politics and philosophy are pretty broad. Moreover, I have jurisprudential inclinations and I've been known to discuss questions of cultural politics, federalism and indigenous politics.

Students, both potential and current, are welcome to email me as regards to any teaching or research questions. More generally, I have an open-door policy and I am happy for students to drop in. But if you wish to be sure to meet me, please email me and we will make an appointment.

For an up-to-date list of my publications, please go to my webspace

What am I reading?

guardian.co.uk; herald.co.nz; globeandmail.com; crookedtimber.org; newleftreview.org; arsenal.com

Research | Current

  • Normative political theory
  • Political philosophy
  • Justice, historical justice
  • Identity politics
  • History of political thought.

I tend to work on questions of state wrongdoing and its redress. At present, I'm engaged in a long-term research project concerning the redress of institutional child abuse. I'm also interested (and write on) in theories of rights, democracy, questions of collective responsibility, the nature of political obligation and other related areas.

In 2014, I published Transitional Justice in Established Democracies: A Political Theory. A work in political theory, the book explains how states are using transitional justice mechanism, such as truth commissions, official apologies and reparations, to repair the damage state wrongdoing inflicts upon political legitimacy.

Since my work straddles the borders of political theory, philosophy and law, I helped edit the volume Magna Carta and New Zealand (2017). Contributors to the volume focus on the relation between Magna Carta and Māori politics, the role of Magna Carta in contemporary courts and in modern constitutional theory. Taken together, the collection analyses how Magna Carta shaped New Zealand’s past and present and further, how Magna Carta can and might shape New Zealand’s future.

I am presently the book review editor for the Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory. I welcome suggestions for books to review.

For a full (and more up-to-date) list of my publications, go to stephenwintertheory.wordpress.com

Teaching | Current

POLITICS 314 Democracy in Theory and Practice

POLITICS 702 Transitional Justice: From Retribution to Reconciliation

Postgraduate supervision

I welcome conversation with any student interested in pursuing postgraduate study. In terms of supervision, I'm happy to be involved in a broad range of projects concerning justice, democracy, legitimacy, rights, rectificatory and transitional justice.

Areas of expertise

  • Justice
  • Democracy
  • Reparations and Redress
  • Transitional justice
  • Citizenship
  • Rights theory

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Book Review Editor, Dialogues for Historical Justice and Memory

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

As of 29 October 2020 there will be no automatic updating of 'selected publications and creative works' from Research Outputs. Please continue to keep your Research Outputs profile up to date.
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    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/14524
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    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/14525
  • Winter, S. (2009). Australia's Ex Gratia Redress. Australian Indigenous Law Review, 13 (1), 49-62.


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58 SYMONDS ST - Bldg 435
Level 4, Room 404B
New Zealand

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