Ms Reiko Kondo

BEd (Shinshuu), Cert TJFL, MA


Reiko Kondo completed her BEd majoring in music education at Shinshu University, Japan. After teaching music at local public schools for several years, she was assigned to a Japanese School in Malaysia by the Japanese government for three years. During this period, she volunteered to teach Japanese to local people in an evening school run by the Japan-Malaysia Association. This experience awakened her passion for teaching Japanese as a foreign language and motivated her to pursue a new career path. She received her MA from the University of Auckland in 1996 and has been teaching Japanese at the University since then. 

Research | Current

My long-term research topic is the effective use of a learning method called ‘shadowing’. I am currently working as part of an international project for creating a shadowing textbook. A prototype edition is complete and it has been introduced to students in my courses as a trial.    

The project I participated in for constructing a learners’ corpus of Japanese as a foreign language on a broad scale with general versatility, lead by Professor Kumiko Sakoda of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Tokyo, Japan, was completed in March 2016. The corpus called ‘International Corpus of Japanese as a Second language’ is now open to public.


Teaching | Current

JAPANESE 131 Japanese Language 1B

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Kondo, R., Sakoda, K., Nishina, K., & et al. (2014). Interim Report from a Perspective of the Organic Linkage between Research and the Construction of Learners’ Corpus of Japanese as a Second Language by International Cooperation. 10-2, Midori-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo, Japan: National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics. Related URL.
  • Kondo, R. (2012). Effects of Providing Scripts in Shadowing Practice on Learners' Japanese-language Acquisition. Japanese Studies Journal, Thammasat University, 43-57. Related URL.
  • Kondo, R., & Furumoto, Y. (2011). Effects of Providing Scripts in Shadowing - Is it necessary to provide scripts prior to shadowing practice?. In Y. fujitomo (Ed.) Collection of Papers for the 53rd Annual Conference, The Japanese Association of Educational Psychology 2011, 246-246. Sapporo, Japan.
  • Kondo, R. (2010). Research on Materials for Shadowing - From the perspective of the level of difficulty of materials. In K. Sakoda, Y. Furumoto (Eds.) Collection of Papers for 2010 International Conference on Japanese Language Education, CD-ROM (519), 19-24. Taiwan: National Chengchi University, Taiwan.
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