Professor John Christopher Bishop

BA (ANU) , PhD (Cambridge)

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John Bishop has been on the Philosophy academic staff since 1981, and has held an appointment as Professor of Philosophy since 1993. He is the author of Natural Agency (Cambridge University Press, 1989) and Believing by Faith (Oxford University Press 2007), and journal articles and book chapters in the area of philosophy of religion and philosophy of action.

Research | Current

  • Philosophy of religion
  • Philosophy of action

John Bishop's current research is in the following areas:

  • The epistemology of religious belief (especially a Jamesian defence of 'doxastic venture') and the nature of faith
    Most recent publication in this area:
    BISHOP, J. Faith. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2016 Edition). In Edward N. Zalta (Ed.) 
  • The concept of God, especially the critique of the 'personal omniGod' and the Argument from Evil, and exploration of a non-personal 'euteleological' conception of God
    Most recent publication in this area:
    BISHOP, J. On the Significance of Assumptions about Divine Goodness and Divine Ontology for ‘Logical’ Arguments from Evil. Religions 2021, 12, 186.
  • Philosophy of action and the 'free will and determinism' problem, especially the defence of a Causal Theory of Action as a solution to the problem of natural agency, especially with respect to the problem of causal deviance
    Most recent publiation in this area:
    BISHOP, J. On the Prospects for a Naturalistic Incompatibilist Metaphysics of Agency. Analysis 2015, 75.4, 655-661.

Teaching | Current

PHIL 207 Philosophy of Religion

PHIL 218 Problems in Epistemology

PHIL 327 Philosophy of Religion

PHIL 338 Problems in Epistemology

PHIL 743 Philosophy of Religion 2 


John Bishop is Advisor for graduate students in Philosophy at MA, BA Honours, Postgraduate Diploma, and Graduate Diploma levels.

Areas of expertise

Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Action

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Bishop, J. (2018). On identifying the problem of evil and the possibility of Its theist solution. In N. N. Trakakis (Ed.) The problem of evil: Eight views in dialogue (pp. 42-54). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 10.1093/oso/9780198821625.001.0001
  • Bishop, J., & Perszyk, K. (2016). Concepts of God and problems of evil. In A. A. Buckareff, Y. Nagasawa (Eds.) Alternative concepts of God: Essays on the metaphysics of the divine (pp. 106-127). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
  • Bishop, J. C. (2015). Christian Conceptions of God. In G. Oppy (Ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy of Religion (pp. 138-152). London and New York: Routledge. Related URL.
  • Bishop, J. C. (2015). On the Prospects for a Naturalistic Incompatibilist Metaphysics of Agency. Analysis, 75 (4), 655-661. 10.1093/analys/anv048
  • Bishop, J. (2014). Causal pluralism and the problem of natural agency. Res Philosophica, 91 (3), 527-536. 10.11612/resphil.2014.91.3.15
  • Bishop, J. C., & Perszyk, K. (2014). Divine Action Beyond the Personal OmniGod. Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion, Volume 5 (pp. 1-21). Oxford: Oxford University Press. 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198704768.003.0001
  • Bishop, J. C. (2013). Review of Kelly James Clark and Raymond J. VanArragon (eds.) Evidence and Religious Belief (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2011). Mind: a quarterly review of philosophy, vol. 122, no. 486, pp. 525-529, 122 (486), 525-529. 10.1093/mind/fzt054
  • Bishop, J. C. (2013). Evidence. In C. Taliaferro, V. Harrison, S. Goetz (Eds.) The Routledge Companion to Theism (pp. 167-181). London and New York: Routledge. 10.4324/9780203123294.ch13


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