Associate Professor Nabeel Zuberi

BA (Hons) American Studies (University of Nottingham) 1987, MA Communication Arts (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor) 1990, PhD Radio-Television-Film (Critical and Cultural Studies)(University of Texas at Austin) 1996


My research and much of my teaching focus on the role of media in popular music cultures. I’m interested in the production, circulation and consumption of recorded music in particular. I’ve written mainly about 20th and 21st century popular musics in the UK and US, mostly on issues of race, ethnicity, nationalism and diasporas. My work is interdisciplinary, and involves qualitative methods and critical approaches in media and cultural studies, communication, critical race studies, popular music studies, sound studies, the history of technology, film and television studies. I’m on the editorial boards of several academic journals. I have had some education and experience in media production, mostly in arts journalism and music radio. I've co-hosted The Basement, a music radio show on BASE FM in Auckland since 2004. 

Research | Current

I'm currently writing a book on British and American popular music, race and media after 9/11 to be published by Bloomsbury. 

I'm in the early stages of a project on media transformations and the archives of popular music.


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Recent Journal Articles/Book Chapters

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Teaching | Current

MEDIA 218 Popular Music on Screens

MEDIA 323 Popular Music on Screens

MEDIA 713 Media, Sound and Music

Postgraduate supervision

Current PhD Supervision:

Anna Majavu, Media representations of Africans in Aotearoa / New Zealand

Kim Wheatley, The fog of war and media 

Completed PhD Supervision:

2018. Ahmed Ghazal, Egyptian cinema and the 2011 Revolution

2014. Phoebe Fletcher, Screening the global war on terror: Revolutionary nationalisms in the contemporary American splatter film 

2013. Fokko Schulz, Distance music: From early telephony to tomorrow’s Internet  

2009. Michael Scott, New Zealand’s pop renaissance: a creative industry as ‘after neo-liberal’ social policy 

2009. Phoebe Li, A virtual Chinatown: the diasporic mediasphere of Chinese migrants in New Zealand 

2007. Carolyn Skelton, Travelling tales of location, identity and connectivity: a study of place and the television programme Xena: Warrior princess

2004. Helen Jane Moloney, Robin Hyde and Frank Sargeson: Liminal voices in New Zealand literature 

2002. Matthew Bannister, White man’s soul: Paheka masculinities in popular music of New Zealand/Aotearoa 

2001. Sarina Pearson, Lookin’ S. Pacific: moving imagery in Aotearoa New Zealand and Hawai’i


Current MA supervision:

Finn Nicolas, Alienation in the films of Lynne Ramsay


Completed MA supervision:

2019. Daisy McWedge, Gender capital and femininities in contemporary pop music

2018. Ahyoung Kim, Representations of Islamist terrorism in films (MA dissertation in Conflict & Terrorism Studies)

2017. Ben Hall,  Virtual and real spaces in sound recording (MA thesis)

2014. Matthew Chicoine, The Detroit way: Creative exchange and music culture 1950-2000 (MA thesis)

2013. Yingxi Lu. Chinese social media platforms and young migrants in New Zealand (MA dissertation)

2013.  Andrew Garnett, The Facebook construct: The user and surveillance (MA thesis)

2012. Camilo Diaz-Pino, Growing up after the end: Representations of post-apocalypse in contemporary children’s television animation (MA thesis)

2012.  Nandan Bhat. Camp, the abject and the Hindi courtesan film (MA dissertation)

2011. Sol Chae, Changing forms, access and values of images of self: From still photograph to Facebook (MA dissertation)

2011. Helen King, Young Muslim women, media and social networks in Auckland (MA thesis)

2009. Brent Simpson, Community radio on Waiheke Island: A case study (MA thesis)

2008. Wajeehah Sabahat, Pakistan’s friendly dictator: The military presidency of Pervaiz Musharraf in Newsweek and The Economist (MA dissertation)

2008. Judy Smith, Björk, buskers and songbirds: Realism and revision in the musical genre (MA thesis)

2008. Pamela Whitfield, Race, class and the American dream in Hollywood dance themed youth film 2000-2008 (MA thesis)

2007. Georgina McWhirter, Black camp: Rethinking minstrelsy, trash talk shows and the ghetto fabulous (MA dissertation)

2007. Yu Zhijuan, Music in Feng Xiaogang’s Films (BA(Hons) dissertation)

2005. Yasmin Aluf, Quentin Tarantino and contemporary film authorship (MA thesis)

2004. Kris Zemke, Outkast and minstrelsy; Googoosh and the Iranian diaspora (MA research portfolio in Ethnomusicology)

2004. Enas Al-Janabi, Al-Jazeera and the war on Iraq (MA dissertation)

2004. Nicholas FitzHerbert, Indymedia and the anti-globalisation movement (Postgraduate Diploma in Arts dissertation)

2003. Una Cruickshank, Media and the War on Terror from 9/11 to the War on Iraq (MA thesis)

2003 Keri Whaitiri, Of other sounds (MA thesis)

2002. Catherine Langabeer, Carefully stealing pieces of me: issues of technology and authenticity in the music of Matthew Herbert (MA thesis)

2001. Vicky Bogle, Female electronic musicians in Auckland (MA dissertation)

2001. Emma Kelly, Making a scene: location, identity and dance music (MA thesis)

2001. Stephen Jewell, Number eight wired: a history of New Zealand dance music and club culture 1970-2001 (MA thesis)

2000. Catherine Foster, Past perfect: an examination of Jane Foster's writing in The Weekly News from 1953-1960 (MA thesis)

2000. Ben Howe, Getting older: the construction of place, history and identity in New Zealand independent music (MA thesis in Ethnomusicology)

1999. Pamela Morrow, Gravity keeps screwing it up: the single white female in American television comedy (MA thesis, co-supervision with Shuchi Kothari)

1999. Roy Martyn, Shooting heroin: heroin in 90s films (MA thesis)

Areas of expertise

  • Popular music and sound studies
  • Critical race studies
  • British cultural studies
  • American studies
  • South Asian and African diaspora cinema and media

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Research Committee, School of Social Sciences, University of Auckland

Associate Editor, Communication, Culture & Critique

Editorial Advisory Board, IASPM@Journal (International Association for the Study of Popular Music)  

Editorial Advisory Board, Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture

Editorial Board, Screen Sound: The Australasian Journal of Soundtrack Studies

Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Working-Class Studies

Advisory Board of ARCMedia (Anglia Research Centre in Media & Culture), Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Diaspora Screen Media Network (Arts & Humanities Research Council, UK)

Advisory Board, CIPHER: The International Council for Hip Hop Studies 

Member, Norient: Network for Local and Global Sounds and Media Culture



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