Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye

Ph.D., Harvard University, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations


Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye grew up in Costa Mesa, California and attended university at Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her book, China and the True Jesus: Miraculous Community in Modern China, (Oxford University Press, January 2019), examines the history of the True Jesus Church, a native Chinese Pentecostal church, in the context of China's tumultuous twentieth century. She is currently working on the history of women who played a role as lecturers in Confucian popular morality societies in Republican China, as well as on studying flows of charismatic discourse within global Mormonism. Dr Inouye is the founder of the Global Mormon Studies Research Network and creator of the network website 

Research | Current

  • Modern Chinese history
  • History of Christianity in China
  • Religion in China
  • American religious history
  • Mormon studies

Research interests: twentieth century Chinese history; history of grassroots associations in 19th and 20th century China; China and non-elite globalisation; Pentecostal and charismatic Christianity in China; Chinese spiritual civilization; Chinese culture and moral ideology; transnational religious communities and modernity; global Mormon studies

Teaching | Current

ASIAN 140 New Zealand and Asia

HISTORY 225 Samurai and Scholars: Early Modern China and Japan

HISTORY 335 Samurai and Scholars: Early Modern China and Japan

Postgraduate supervision

modern Chinese history

Chinese religion

women and Chinese history

world Christianity

global Mormon studies

history of women and religion


Recipient of Early Career Teaching Excellence Awards for the University of Auckland and the University of Auckland Faculty of Arts (2017)

2014-present: Associate Editor, Mormon Studies Review


Arts Fellows Programme (Chinese history)

Faculty of Arts Faculty Staffing Committee 

Areas of expertise

Modern Chinese history, history of Christianity in China, religion in China, American religious history, Mormon studies

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Inouye, M. W. (2018). Speaking in the Devil’s Tongue? The True Jesus Church’s Uneasy Rhetorical Accommodation to Maoism, 1948–1958. Modern China, 44 (6), 1-31. 10.1177/0097700418763557
  • Inouye, M. W. (2018). Tale of Three Primaries: Critical Mass in Mormonism’s Informal Institutions. In G. Colvin, J. Brooks (Eds.) Decolonizing Mormonism: Approaching a Postcolonial Zion (pp. 229-262). Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press. Related URL.
  • Inouye, M. (2017). Charismatic crossings: The transnational, transdenominational friendship of Bernt Berntsen and Wei Enbo. In F. Yang, J. Tong, A. Anderson (Eds.) Global Chinese pentecostal and charismatic christianity (pp. 91-117). Leiden: Brill.
  • Inouye, M. (2017). Charismatic moderns: Pluralistic discourse within Chinese protestant communities, 1905–1926. Twentieth-Century China, 42 (1), 26-51. 10.1353/tcc.2017.0006
  • Inouye, M. (2016). A religious rhetoric of competing modernities: Christian print culture in late Qing China. In G. Song (Ed.) Reshaping the boundaries : the Christian intersection of China and the West in the modern era (pp. 106-122). Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong Press.
  • Inouye, M. (2016). Culture and agency in Mormon women’s lives. In K. Holbrook, M. Bowman (Eds.) Women and mormonism: Historical and contemporary perspectives (pp. 230-246). Salt Lake City, Utah: University of Utah Press.
  • Inouye, M.-T. (2015). Miraculous modernity: Charismatic traditions and trajectories within Chinese protestant christianity. In V. Goossaert, J. Kiely, J. Lagerwey (Eds.) Modern Chinese religion II: 1850-2015 (pp. 884-919). Boston and Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers. 10.1163/9789004304642_023
  • Inouye, M. (2014). The Oak and the Banyan: the 'glocalization’ of Mormon studies. Mormon Studies Review, 1, 70-79.


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ARTS 2 - Bldg 207
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