Mrs Marineke Wilhelmina Goodwin

MEd(Hons), DipTESSOL, AdvDipTchg, TTC.


Marineke Goodwin is a Professional Teaching Fellow in the School of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education.

She was, until 2012, a Senior Lecturer in Arts, Language and Literacies, teaching courses in Initial Teacher Education (Primary and Early Childhood) and teachers, across multiple programmes and campuses. Another long-term field of teaching interest is TESSOL, within primary schools, College of Education since 1990s, and Faculty of Education.

Research | Current

Marineke's research is focused on aspects of literacy in the primary school, specifically children’s writing and teachers’ knowledge about using writing assessment to inform effective practice.

The research above took place with teachers and students in South Auckland schools. The outcomes are relevant to the achievement of Māori and Pacific Island communities.

Marineke was also engaged in research in the field of children’s literature and engagement in reading for pleasure; ie. the factors that students perceive have shaped their reading interests.

Current interests are in early reading and writing approaches, analysing patterns of visual and written language, transition to school (language - culture), and becoming bilingual.



Teaching | Current

EDCURRIC 102  Language and Literacy 1 (Primary B.Ed.) Years 1-4.

EDCURRIC 109 Languages and Literacies 1 (Primary) from 2020

EDPROFST 318 Language Learning ESOL

EDCURRIC 621 Language and Literacies (Primary Grad. Dip.) (N/A 2020)

EDCURRIC 345 Literacy in the Primary School (N/A 2020)


Equity Committee - Faculty of Education and Social Work

Equity Supplementary Grants (ESG)  sub-committee

Hauora Committee - School of Curriculum and Pedagogy

Course director of various Language-literacies courses, mostly in  in B.Ed. (Prim.), TESSOL,  and Grad. Dip. (Prim).


Areas of expertise

Oral, written and visual language and literacies in the primary school

Children's literature in early childhood and early primary

English Language Learning (ELL / ESOL) in schools

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Invited presentations and workshops (professional)

  • Goodwin, M.W. (2006). Voice and vehicle: a linguistic perspective on narrative. The politics of early childhood education. Paper presented at the 6th Annual Professional Development Symposium, Parnell, Auckland. 26th and 27th September, 2006.
  • Presentations for Uruguay and Singapore visiting teachers on topics of NZ Junior school language and literacies approaches.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Goodwin, M. W., Hoben, N., & Mills, W. (2010). Fuelling the passion for reading. Paper presented at 23rd World Congress on Reading International Reading Association, Auckland, New Zealand. 12 July - 15 July 2010.
  • Limbrick, E. A., Buchanan, P., Goodwin, M., & Schwarcz, H. (2010). Doing things differently: the outcomes of teachers researching their own practice in teaching writing. Canadian Journal of Education, 33 (4), 897-924.
  • Limbrick, L., Buchanan, P. Z., Goodwin, M. W., & Schwarcz, H. E. (2008). Improving students' writing: The impact of teacher knowledge and student-focused practice. Set Research Information for Teachers, 2, 34-38.
  • Limbrick, L., Buchanan, P. Z., Goodwin, M. W., & Schwarcz, H. E. (2008). Enhancing capacity to analyse students' writing: A summary. Teaching Learning Research Initiative, 1-9.
  • Limbrick, L., Buchanan, P. Z., Goodwin, M. W., & Schwarcz, H. E. (2008). Using evidence to raise student writing achievement: thinking about what we are doing and doing it better. NZ Reading Forum, 23 (3), 5-12.
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  • Limbrick, L., Buchanan, P. Z., Goodwin, M. W., & Schwarcz, H. E. (2007). Research partnerships to enhance students' writing achievement.. Paper presented at British Educational Research Association, University of London, London, United Kingdom. 5 September - 8 September 2007.

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Level 6, Room 607
New Zealand