Dr Kathryn Lehman

BA (Illinois), PhD (Pittsburgh), NAATI Qualifications, Fulbright Scholar, Tinker Fellow


  • Co-Founder, NZ Centre for Latin American Studies
  • Collaborating Member of the CLAPI, Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Cine y Comunicación de los Pueblos Indígenas

Research | Current

  • Latin American cultural studies
  • Media studies
  • Indigenous media
  • Nineteenth-century historical fiction
  • Nation-state theory

Current Studies:

  • Indigenous and participatory media
  • Latin American cultural studies
  • Nation and literature, 19th century cultural history
  • Film studies – Latin American Cinema,Third Cinema, Transnational Cinema
  • Music and social change –  Argentinean tango

Teaching | Current

SPANISH 105 Beginners' Spanish 2

LATINAM 201 Latin American History and Culture Through Film

LAITNAM 303 Latin American History and Culture Through Film

SPANISH 720 Latin American Knowledges

Postgraduate supervision

PhD theses completed

Mendes de Souza, Marcelo."Toward a Latin American Irony: English Intertextuality and the Transnational Reception of Machado de Assis and Borges" (Main Supervisor, 2014) (International Scholar)

González Lagares, Lina. "Policies of Decentralisation in the Context of Armed Conflict: A Comparative Analysis of Colombian Local Autonomy" (Co-supervised with Politics, 2013) 

Silverio Anica, Omar. "Desde los márgenes:Contrahistorias al filo del siglo XXI en el teatro mexicano contemporáneo"  (Co-supervised with Spanish, 2013)

Oliveira, Genaro. “Word Imagery and Painted Rhetoric: Historians, Artists and the Invention of the History of Brazil” (Co-supervised with Art History, 2012) (International Scholar)

Christie, Jane. “Critical and Mediated Discourse in Contemporary Gender Politics: Chile and Argentina” (Main Supervisor, 2012). (Bright Futures Scholar).

McDonald, Sarah. “From the People to the Popular: Fifty Years of Brazilian Film” (Main Supervisor, 2004)  (Bright Futures Scholar).

da Gama, Francisca. “Locating the Mestizo Intellectual: Race and Class in Mariátegui, Arguedas and Gutiérrez” (Main Supervisor, 2001).

MA theses completed

Emma Stone, “National and Subnational Movements in Latin America: Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.” (Main Supervisor, 2008) (First Class Honours).

Kara Morrison, “Violent Mexicans: Cinematic Violence and Authenticity in Recent Films about Mexico.” (Main Supervisor, 2006).

Jane Christie, Translation of Evo Morales’s Inaugural Address. Master of Professional Studies (Co-supervised with Translation Studies, 2006).

Elly Sharp, “Forbidden Passions: Nation, Religion, and Sexuality in 19th Century Argentina” (Main Supervisor, 2002) (First Class Honours).

Sarah McDonald, “Coercion, Crisis, and Cultural Difference: Women’s Writing in Authoritarian Argentina and Brazil” (Main Supervisor, 2001) (First Class Honours).

Elly Wayne, “The Man in the Middle: Modernism, Borges and Postmodernism” (Main Supervisor, 1993) (First Class Honours).

MA dissertations and postgraduate essay completed

Sarah Giffney: “Theories of Relativity; Shifting Certainties and Human Connections in Maurice Gee’s Plumb and Marcelo Birmajer’s Los tres mosqueteros” (Dissertation with Comparative Literature, 2006).

Jonathan Wright: “Leaving the Labyrinth: An Analysis of Maya Symbolic Continuity and Rupture Employed by the EZLN in El Sexto Sol” (Postgraduate Essay 2002).


Fulbright Scholar to Argentina, Tinker Fellow to Bolivia

Areas of expertise

Latin American Cultural Studies

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Lehman, K. (2018). Beyond Pluralism and Media Rights: Indigenous Communication for a Decolonizing Transformation of Latin America and Abya Yala. Latin American Perspectives, 45 (3), 171-192. 10.1177/0094582X18766911
  • Tuhiwai Smith, L. (2017). A descolonizar las metodologías. Investigación y pueblos indígenas (Decolonizing methodologies. Research and Indigenous peoples) (2nd) Navarra, Spain: Txalaparta Editores.
  • Lehman, K. (2017). Beyond academia: Indigenous media as an intercultural resource to unlearn nation-state history. Revista Tempos e Espaços em Educação, 10 (21), 29-39. 10.20952/revtee.v10i21.6330
  • Nahuelpan, H. (2016). The place of the “Indio” in social research: Considerations from Mapuche history (Translation). AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples, 12 (1), 3-17. 10.20507/AlterNative.2016.12.1.1
  • Lehman, K. (2016). Unlearning colonial and nation-state history in documentary film by and about Indigenous peoples. Alter/nativas (6).
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/38474
  • Smith, L. T. (2016). A descolonizar las metodologías: Investigación y pueblos indígenas. Santiago, Chile: Lom Ediciones. Pages: 308. Related URL.
  • Pino-Ojeda, X. W., & Lehman, K. (2015). Estudios Latinoamericanos en el Pacífico Sur: Entre la Social Democracia y el Neoliberalismo downunder. Paper presented at LASA2015 : Precariedades, exclusiones, emergencias (Latin American Studies Association), San Juan, Puerto Rico. 27 May - 30 May 2015.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Walescka Pino-Ojeda
  • Lehman-Srinivasan, K. (2015). Challenging Major Media to Transform Communication. Paper presented at IAPS Events 2015, University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China. 12 March - 12 March 2015. Related URL.


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Semester 1, 2018 on Research Leave

Primary office location

ARTS 2 - Bldg 207
Level 4, Room 401A
New Zealand

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