Dr Inshil Choe Yoon

MA (Seoul National), PhD


Dr Inshil Yoon is Senior Lecturer in Korean in School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics. She has taught Korean language and translation and team-taught Korean society and culture, and Writing systems in East Asian cultures in the University of Auckland since 1989. 

Research | Current

Dr Inshil Yoon's current research interests focus on Korean classics concerning the relationship between culture and the environment.  

She has been examining the T’aengniji (Treatise on Choosing Settlement) written by Yi Chung-hwan (1690-1756) and its manuscripts from various angles, including the original title, the original structure and changing perception of geomancy (p’ungsu/fenshui) in the Chosŏn dynasty.

Having been claimed to be a Korean classic of human geography and history, the T’aengniji brings to life the political and economic history of the time and is recognised to be the most significant Korean classic on choosing desirable sites for living. And yet, its extreme popularity, coupled with readers and copiers’ enthusiasm especially while being initially circulated anonymously, resulted in multiple titles and numerous hand-written manuscripts of varied contents. Thus, it has been read without knowledge of the original title or original content.

Dr Inshil Yoon has recently been concentrating on T’aengniji manuscript studies and claimed Sadaebu kagŏch’ŏ’ to be the original title of the T’aengniji and “Sadaebu kagŏch’ŏ” (Habitable places for the scholar-gentry) in Wayurok (Records for scenic travel) as the original text of the T’aengniji.

She translated the Korean classic and in 2018 published A Place to Live: A New Translation of Yi Chung-hwan’s T’aengniji, the Korean Classic for Choosing Settlements, through University of Hawai’i press.

Teaching | Current

KOREAN 301: Advanced Korean 2

TRANSLT 726: Translation Project


Postgraduate supervision

Dr Inshil Yoon is currently co-supervising Chenchen Liu on her Master’s thesis (the application of fenshui in Auckland housing design).


Won the first prize for Nami Annyeong? (Time for Korean), a Korean language textbook series for Intermediate School at the 2009 World Congress of Korean Language Teachers in Seoul.


Undergraduate Adviser, Korean

Areas of expertise

  • T'aengniji (Treatise on Choosing Settlement)
  • Korean classics concerning the relationship between culture and environment
  • Korean language teacing/learning and material development

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Yoon, I. (2020). 『와유록』의 「사대부가거처」에 보이는 이중환이 의도한 저술 방식 (Yi Chung-hwan’s intended way of writing as shown in “Sadaebu kagŏch’ŏ” in Wayurok). Journal of Cultural and Historical Geography, 32 (2), 50-62. 10.29349/JCHG.2020.32.2.50
  • Yoon, I. (2019). Wayurok ui “Sadaebu kagŏch’ŏ”, T’aengniji ui wŏnboninga? = Is “Sadaebu kagŏch’ŏ” (Habitable places for the scholar-gentry) in Wayurok (Records for scenic travel) the original text of the T’aengniji?. Hanguk Munhwa = Korean Culture, 86, 275-303.
  • Yi, C. H. (2019). A Place to Live A New Translation of Yi Chung-hwan's T'aengniji, the Korean Classic for Choosing Settlements. University of Hawaii Press. Pages: 246.
  • Yoon, I. (2018). Korean Language spread and Korean language education in New Zealand: With comparative notes on Australia. In C. You, Y. Ha (Eds.) The spread of the Korean language: Through the Korean diaspora and beyond (pp. 151-192). Berkeley: University of California, Berkeley: Institute of East Asian Studies Publications.
  • Yoon, I. (2017). Geomantic ideas in T’aengniji manuscripts: An examination of Changing perceptions of P’ungsu during the late Chosŏn dynasty. In H. Yoon (Ed.) P’ungsu: A study of geomancy in Korea (pp. 353-371). New York, USA: State University of New York Press.
  • Yoon, I. (2013). Early-Period T'aengniji Manuscripts. Korean Studies, 37, 225-249. 10.1353/ks.2013.0008
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/22965
  • Yoon, I. (2012). T’aengniji ch’ogip'ilsabon ch’ujŏng ŭl wihan sŏjijŏk koch’al (A bibliographic approach towards the identification of the early T’aengniji manuscripts). Seojihakbo (Journal of the Institute of Korea Bibliography), 40, 155-174. Related URL.
  • Yoon, I. C. (2009). Time for Korean (1). Elizabeth, NJ: Hollym International Corporation. Pages: 103.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/12207


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Semester Two 2021: Wednesday 3:00-4:00


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ARTS 2 - Bldg 207
Level 4, Room 433
New Zealand

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