Dr Felicity Barnes

PhD (Auckland)

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Senior Lecturer


  • Lecturer 2012 -2014
  • Senior Lecturer 2015

Research | Current

  • Colonial and cultural nationalism in New Zealand
  • New Zealand cultural history
  • Dominion identity in New Zealand, Canada and Australia: Settler cultures and colonialism in the twentieth century
  • British empire trade and consumption

Teaching | Current

HISTORY 107 Rethinking New Zealand History

HISTORY 252 New Zealand Cultural History

HISTORY 352 New Zealand Cultural History


Postgraduate supervision



Anthony Artus, 'Workers of the World, Apart Revolution, Race, Capital, and 1848 in an Illustrated London Newspaper', with Prof. Maartje Abbenhuis

Mark Stevenson, 'Mapping the Developing World: The Role of the Directorate of Overseas Surveys in the 1970s and 1980s (A case study of Liberia 1978-1986)' with Prof. Maartje Abbenhuis

Candida Keithley, 'Māori and Modernity: The Hot Lakes District, 1870-1939', co-supervised with Dr Aroha Harris.

Anna Gilderdale, ‘A page without borders: young people and the transnational world of Anglo print culture, 1880-1930',co-supervised with A/P Caroline Daley.

Chris Turnbull, 'New Zealand in the Pacific 1840-1940', co-supervised with Professor Linda Bryder.


Alexandra McIntyre, Screen Whispers, Reader Requests and Matrimonial Scandal: Cinema fan magazines in interwar New Zealand

BA (Hons) Dissertation

Rebecca Tang, 'Attitudes towards Chinese Immigration through the Immigration Restriction Amendment Acts and NZ Truth 1907-1920'.

Bryony Ammonds-Smith, 'Social Attitudes to New Zealand’s Lowered Drinking Age 1999.'

Sue Mercer, 'The Auckland Mission and Ragged School 1863-1870. A Case Study of Settler Associational Culture in 1860s Auckland'.



Ella Arbury, 'A Healthy Home:The influence of ideas dabout health on Maori and Pakeha homes in Auckland, 1918-1945'  co-supervised with Professor Linda Bryder.

Rowan Light, 'Commemorating Anzac: Memory, History, and Identity', co-supervised with A/P Malcolm Campbell.


Ryan Anderson: 'Māori Travellers in London, 1880-1940'.

Terry Grant: 'The emergence of regional identity in New Zealand – 1840 to 1876'.

Anna Gilderdale: 'A ‘good’ addiction: young folks’ reading practices and literary networks in New Zealand 1880-1914.'

Ian Russell: 'A Mercantile History of Auckland during the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries'.

Georgie Craw: ‘Comparing European perceptions of Maori in Europe and in New Zealand, 1793-1850'  (shortlisted Bert Roth Award 2015)

Daniel Millar: ‘New Zealanders in the British colonial services, 1920-1975’.

BA (Hons) Dissertation

Lucy Waddington: 'The Media portrayal of the Black Power Movement in Britain 1968-1981'.

Kershia Singh: 'Indentured Labour: New Zealand’s commentary, ideas, and responses to Indentured Indians"

Rachel Schmidt: ‘The reception and experiences of Samoan children in Auckland schools leading up to and during the overstayer era in New Zealand from 1970-1976.’ 2017

Chris Turnbull: ‘Sir George Richardson in Western Samoa.’ 2017

Asher Lewis: ‘Jewish Refugees in New Zealand: Public and official attitudes to the migration of Jewish refugees to New Zealand between the Nuremburg Laws being passed, and the onset of the Second World War.’ 2017

Emily Frew: ‘Tried, tested, and true: the social construction of ‘modern’ New Zealand baking 1890-1945.’2017

Ben Curtis: 'Making Melodies: Constructing New Zealand Music since 1989'.

Anna Gilderdale: 'Wild Child’ Consumers? Children’s consumer culture through the children’s pages of the Otago Witness and New Zealand Farmer, 1899-1914.'

Terry Grant: 'Purchasing options for New Zealand’s late nineteenth century consumers' .

Tara Hauraki:' Big Bronzed ANZAC:The height, weight and girth of New Zealand identity in World War One.'

Candida Keithley: 'The Silent Division?: Understanding New Zealand soldiers’experience of fear during World War I.'

Alexandra McIntyre: 'For God, For Family, For Country: Conservative Perspectives on the 1986 Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand'.

Daniel Millar: “Far From Home: New Zealand travellers to Britain in the 1930s’, (Hons) Dissertation.

James Mackay: ‘From Liz to Lyndon: The Dynamics of Colonial Culture in New Zealand’s International Relations 1953-1966’.


2017: Judge Inaugural Mary Boyd Prize for Best Article in New Zealand History, New Zealand Historical Association.

2015: Winner Mary Boyd Prize for Best Article in New Zealand History 2014/15, New Zealand Historical Association.

2013: Judge Inaugural Mary Boyd Prize for Best Article in New Zealand History, New Zealand Historical Association.

2009: Vice Chancellor’s Prize for Best Thesis, University of Auckland

2008: Dean of Graduate Studies List for PhD Thesis

2006: Myra and Eric McCormick Scholarship in History

2004: University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship


BA(Hons) Adviser for History

Areas of expertise

New Zealand history, especially cultural history, and settler colonial history.

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • Reviews Editor (NZ) Australian Historical Studies
  • Secretary New Zealand Historical Association 2016-2018
  • Member UOA Museums and Cultural Heritage Board of Studies
  • Member New Zealand Journal of History Board of Governance
  • Member Auckland Museum Nancy Bamford Museum Grants Committee

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

As of 29 October 2020 there will be no automatic updating of 'selected publications and creative works' from Research Outputs. Please continue to keep your Research Outputs profile up to date.
  • Barnes, F. (2018). Lancashire's ‘War’ with Australia: Rethinking Anglo-Australian Trade and the Cultural Economy of Empire, 1934–36. The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 1-24. 10.1080/03086534.2018.1452539
  • Barnes, F., & Higgins, D. M. (2017). Brand image, cultural association and marketing: ‘New Zealand’ butter and lamb exports to Britain, c.1920–1938. Business History10.1080/00076791.2017.1344223
  • Barnes, F. (2016). Changing Times: New Zealand since 1945 [Book Review]. The American historical review, 121 (2), 551-552. 10.1093/ahr/121.2.551
  • Barnes, F. (2015). Bill Massey’s Tourists in the Big Smoke: Rethinking the Great War’s Role in New Zealand’s National Identity. Journal of New Zealand Literature, 33 (2). Related URL.
  • Barnes, F. (2015). Ellis Ashmead Bartlett (1881–1931). In D. Cannadine (Ed.) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Related URL.
  • Barnes, F. (2015). A lucky snap: reframing colonial culture through a pictorialist lens. In A. Cooper, L. Paterson, A. Wanhalla (Eds.) The Lives of Colonial Objects. Dunedin: Otago University Press.
  • Barnes, F. (2014). Dominion Soldiers on Leave in Europe (NZ). 1914-1918-online: International Encyclopedia of the First World War. Berlin: Freie Universität Berlin. Related URL.
  • Barnes, F. (2014). Bringing Another Empire Alive? The Empire Marketing Board and the Construction of Dominion Identity, 1926-33. Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 42 (1), 61-85. 10.1080/03086534.2013.826456


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Semester Two, 2015: by appointment

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Level 7, Room 701
New Zealand

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