Carolina Panico

B.A - University of Sao Paulo; M.A - International Relations, University of Queensland

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Professional Teaching Fellow
Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Carolina is a Doctoral student at the University of Auckland, Politics and International Relations. Her research looks at the emergence of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) and the role of small and middle power states as norm entrepreneurs. She is interested in arms control and disarmament issues, nuclear politics, international security and norm dynamics. Carolina has a Master of International Relations from the University of Queensland (distinction) where she looked at the landmines and cluster munitions processes, focusing on the agency of small/middle power states, civil society networks, and the impact of the humanitarian discourse.

Research | Current

Carolina's current research looks at the dynamics of new norm emergence and nuclear disarmament. She is interested in understanding the factors and mechanisms that enabled the emergence of the TPNW despite opposition from the nuclear powers. 


Teaching | Current

Graduate Teaching Assistant - POLITICS 106 Global Politics.

Areas of expertise

International Relations

International Law

Arms Control and Disarmament

International Security 

Constructivism and Norm Dynamics


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58 SYMONDS ST - Bldg 435
Level 2, Room 202
New Zealand

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