Emeritus Professor Anthony John Spalinger

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PhD Yale University (Egyptology: Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
MPhl, Yale University (Egyptology: Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
BA, Queens College (City University of New York)
Secondary School: Brooklyn Technical High School (Brooklyn, New York City)

Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley (USA)
Lecturer, Yale University: 1975-79, 1980-81
Harvard Mellon Fellow: 1979-1980

Research | Current

  • Egyptology - art, language (Old, Middle and Late Egyptian)
  • Demotic
  • Coptic
  • The ancient economy
  • Military in the ancient world
  • Ancient warfare
  • Calendrics in the ancient world
  • Ancient astronomy
  • Interconnections in the Ancient Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Narrative in the ancient world
  • Iconic representations of power

Presently researching:

  1. Narrative strategies in Egyptian royal inscriptions
  2. Old Kingdom festival outlays in the mortuary temples and their accounting practices: Dynasty V
  3. Inscriptions of the Late Period: royal Napatan texts (Piye/Pianchy — at present): ca 730-300 BC
  4. Calendrics and the purpose of festival datings
  5. The Sinai and warfare (with Prof Eliezer Oren)

Postgraduate supervision



  1. "Demotic Stories — Characterisations, Narrative Structures. (esp. the Inaros Cycle)": Lawrence Xu
  2. "Napatan Period Historical Texts": Elizabeth Eltze
  3. "Late Period Underworld Texts": Benjamin Earle
  4. "Social Aspects of Egyptian Letters and the Epistolary Style": Susan Thorpe



  1. Kartrina Edwards: "Anchtify and his Contemporaries: The Influence of Power-Players in Upper Egypt at the Outselt of Theban Expansion in the First Intermediate Period"
  2. Lydia Bashford: "Fifth Dynasty Exotica: Reflections of Political Ideology and Attitudes to Foreignness"
  3. Sebastian Bennet: ""Mappimng and Understanding the Administrative Familites in Dynasty XIII"


BA Honours:

  1. Emily Whitehead: "The Final Years of Thtumose III and the Beginning of Amunhotep II's Reign"
  2. Michael McLeod: "The Language of Mathematics in mIddle Kingdom Egypt"



  1. Brett Heagren, "The Art of War in Pharaonic Egypt: An Analysis of the Tactical, Logistic and Operational Capabilities of the Egyptian Army (Dynasties XVII-XX)" — 2010 
  2. Peter Sullivan, "Aspects of the Reign of Ramesses IV" — 1998
  3. Sheila Whale, "The Family as Represented in the Private Tombs of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt to the End of the Reign of Thutmosis IV" — 1986


Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (to Hamburg, Germany: Ägyptologisches Seminar): 1984-1985, 1988, 1990-1991) —supported by Profs. Wolfgang Helck and Hartwig Altenmüller


Visiting Professor:

Czech Institute of Egyptology; Prague, Czech Republic

Universität Hamburg (Ägyptologisches Seminar); Hamburg, Germany

Universität Basel; Basel, Switzerland

Univeristy of California, Los Angeles; Los Angeles, USA

Université Catholoque de Louvain; Louivain-la Neuve, Belgium

Yale University; New haven CT, USA


American Research Center in Egypt Fellowships: 1978, 1982-83

Melon Fellow, Harvard University: 1979-1980

Fulbright Scholar to France (Paris): 1973-1974

Josephine de Karman Fellow, Yale University: 1972-1973

Yale University Fellowship: 1968-1972

American Philosophical Society Fellowship


Research support given at: UCLA (under Prof Antonio Loprieno), University of Basel, Switzerland (under Prof Antonio Loprieno), and Czech Institute of Egyptology, Prague (under Profs. Miroslav Verner and Miroslav Bárta)


Faculty Research Development Fund, University of Auckland: three separate grants

Distinguished Vistor Grants, University of Auckland: for Profs. Eliezer Oren (Ben Gurion University) and Miroslav Bárta (Czech Institute of Egyptology)

Faculty Workshopr Grants: Fortresses in the Ancient World

Visiting Scholar Grant/Workshop, Faculty of Arts: For Prof. Peter Brand (Univeristy of Memphis, TN, USA)


Research Head, School of Humanities, UoA

Additional information may be found on academia.edu where there are downloadable research reports

Areas of expertise

Egyptology: art, language (Old, Middle and Late Egyptian); Demotic; Coptic; the ancient economy; the military in the ancient world; ancient warfare; calendrics in the ancient world; ancient astronomy; interconnections in the Ancient Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean; narrative in the ancient world; iconic representations of power

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Presently: Head of Research, School of the Humanities, Faculty of Arts


Previously, Member of:

  1. University Research Committee
  2. University Academic Committee
  3. University Library Committee
  4. Faculty of Arts, Staffing Committee
  5. Chair, Lecturers' Association
  6. Departmental Research Committee
  7. Chair, Departmental Seminar Series

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Spalinger, A. J. (2011). Re-Reading Egyptian Military Reliefs. In S. Snape, M. Collier (Eds.) Ramesside Studies in Honour of K A Kitchen (pp. 475-491). Bolton: Rutherford Press.

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Level 4, Room 437
New Zealand