RAL-S series

The RAL-S student publication series showcases and promotes the research and scholarship of anthropology students in New Zealand.

The RAL-S series originates from the premise that undergraduate and post-graduate students are not only the future of anthropology, but also regularly produce new knowledge and critical insights in the course of their studies that can both challenge and refresh anthropology as a discipline and practice.

Mundane events, big issues: Exploring everyday life in Auckland

The essays in this book, written by first year anthropology students at the University of Auckland, offer unique insights into key aspects of everyday life in New Zealand's largest city, Auckland.

Through a series of often highly personal ethnographic vignettes, the authors explore a range of topics, from food, sex, clothing, work and leisure, to religion, consumption, gender relations student etiquette, and the social organisation of space. Together, they provide an extraordinary demonstration of the value of ethnography and its ability to generate new insights into the symbolism and meanings people attach to their everyday social practices.

Mundane events, big issues
Cris Shore and Sarah Haggar, eds, 2015. (5.6 MB, PDF)