Imagining the Asia-Pacific

Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies Volume 3 Number 1 June 2005

Caption: Hidden Dream © Youngmi Shin

Welcome to Volume 3 Number 1 of the Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies.

The theme of this edition is ‘Imagining the Asia-Pacific’.

The Asia-Pacific region and its many component parts offer fertile ground for the imaginative process, characterised as it is by fluidity, diversity and the coexistence of so many contrasting visions and interpretations of the past, present and future.

All who observe and interpret for others the myriad symbols, rituals and stories that exist within the Asia-Pacific region inevitably participate in the ongoing imagination and construction of individual and collective identities.

The contributions in this issue offer different and interpretive perspectives to the 'imagining' theme, ranging from the personal to the institutional, from the aspirations and actions of grass-roots activism to the realm of high politics, and from reinterpreting appropriative gazes to making marginalised communities visible.


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Imagining the Asia-Pacific
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