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Dr Kovach has a strong interest in making philosophy available and useful to the wider community. She has worked with a wide range of professionals, including counsellors, property valuers, and health care professionals, and such diverse groups in the community as feminist Anglicans and the inmates of a maximum security prison. She explores philosophical ideas with children of all ages, and offers professional development for teachers in Philosophy for Children through Philosophy for Children New Zealand.

Teaching | Current

PHIL 104 Ethics and Justice

PHIL 210 Applied Ethics

PHIL 301 Philosophy for Children


Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Kovach, V. (2015). An Approach to "Philosophizing" Discussion. Childhood & Philosophy, 11 (22), 349-360. Related URL.
  • Kovach, V. (2013). Developing and mapping arguments in ethics. Paper presented at Federation of Australasian Philosophy in School Conference 2013, Sydney, Australia. 12 July - 13 July 2013. Related URL.
  • Kovach, V. (2010). Work Stories. Journal of Primary Health Care, 2 (3), 556-558. Related URL.
  • Kovach, V. (2010). On "Respect for Others" in the Community of Inquiry. Paper presented at Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Conference - Philosophy in the Classroom, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. 5 July - 7 July 2010.
  • Kovach, V. (2010). Philosophy for Children in New Zealand. A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand (pp. ). Melbourne, Australia: Monash University Press.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/13099
  • Kovach, V. (2010). Ethical Decision-making in Palliative Care. Paper presented at 19th Hospice New Zealand Palliative Care Conference, Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand. 9 November - 11 November 2010.
  • Kovach, V. (2010). Work stories. Journal of Primary Health Care, 2 (3), 256-258. Related URL.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/17709
  • Kovach, V. (2006). Philosophy for Children and its Relevance to Philosophy in Secondary Schools. Paper presented at Philosophy in Secondary Schools Conference, Auckland. 14 September - 15 September 2006.


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