Dr Stephen Francis Turner

BA/MA University of Auckland, PhD Cornell University


Globalism raises questions of colonial Europe and peripheral proxies, other centres and constitutions, including the local challenge in Aotearoa New Zealand posed by First (Indigenous) Law to national governance. The colonial present of the global south is masked by more recent make-overs of Indigenous lands and peoples that utilise writing technologies. My critique of settler-indigenism and the bio-security of ‘new’ countries considers the work of geo-media, more broadly, in the organisation of place and peoples. In my teaching, research, art-based activities and activism I try to unpack the on-going settler programme of place-making in view of the long history and dynamic presence of Maori, and, through interrogation of self and origin, to contribute to de-colonisation.

I think of my work on writing, politics and place as a collaboration, informed and influenced by the overlapping projects of many others. My co-construction of writing and artwork has addressed public pedagogy, education design and university architecture. My current interest in the organisational work of writing extends to workplaces, their digitisation and the future of work itself.

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Research interests: 

  • Global colonialities and Indigeneity
  • Public pedagogy and art projects
  • Education design, tools and environments  
  • Writing and digital technologies 
  • Work and organization studies

Book projects:

  • White Settler, Maori Place 
  • With Sean Sturm, The University and Dissent 

Research projects:

  • With Anna Boswell and Helen Delaney [Digital organisation]
  • With Jenny Stuemer [Colonial Europe]  

Postgraduate supervision

Current PhD:

  • Dominic Da Souza Correa, "Terra Instabilis: Colonisation on Shakey Ground in Aotearoa New Zealand" (co-supervisor, Anna Boswell)
  • Lorenz Poeschl, "Public Pedagogy of Identity" (co-supervisor Sean Sturm)
  • Geri D'Mello, "Teaching Fandom: Online Interpretative Communities" 
  • Sristi Bhattarai, "Minor Travels: Rethinking Travel in Postcolonial Art and Literature" (co-supervisor, Jan Cronin)  

Curent MA:

  • Amy Taylor, "Food Media in New Zealand" 

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)


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HSB - NORTH - Bldg 201N
Level 5, Room 558
New Zealand

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