Professor Raymond Kennedy Miller

BA (McM), DipEd, MA, PhD


A Scot by birth, Raymond has lived most of his adult life in New Zealand. He holds a BA in Political Science and History from McMaster University in Canada, a DipEd in Higher Education, and an MA and PhD in Political Studies from The University of Auckland. He is a past recipient of the Wallace Award for his contribution to the public understanding of electoral matters, and in 2006 received a University of Auckland Teaching Excellence Award for sustained excellence in teaching.

Raymond is a former Head of the Department of Political Studies (2006-09) and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts (2011-12).

Research | Current

  • Electoral systems
  • Government formation and execution
  • Political parties
  • Interest groups
  • Political representation and leadership (both New Zealand and comparative)

Most of Raymond's research has been on constitutional and institutional democracy, with a particular emphasis on the impact of political disengagement on parliamentary and governmental institutions, as well as political parties. Recent work includes two book projects: Democratic Decline and Democratic Renewal: Political Change in Britain, Australia and New Zealand (Cambridge University Press, 2012), which was co-authored with Ian Marsh; and Democracy in New Zealand (Auckland University Press, 2015). Other current research interests include: parties and party systems; political leadership; government formation and execution; parliamentary reform; public and elite attitudes to electoral reform; the use of referenda to resolve constitutional issues; and the changing nature of political representation. Much of this latter work draws on data from the New Zealand Election Study's mass and candidate surveys.

Raymond is interested in supervising graduate students in any of the above research areas.

Teaching | Current

POLITICS 107 New Zealand Politics

POLITICS 232 New Zealand Parties, Leaders and Elections

POLITICS 352 New Zealand Parties, Leaders and Elections

POLITICS 756 New Zealand Government


Postgraduate supervision

PhD (recent)

  • Phyllis Anscombe, Voluntary Service Organisations in New Zealand
  • Guillermo Merelo Alcocer, Political Integration of Mexican Immigrants into New Zealand

MA (recent)

  • Puawai Linter-Cole, Māori Representation and Auckland City Council
  • Jonathan Williams, NZ Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Nick Laery, The Convention of Mandate
  • Peter Ramage, Electoral Reform and Party System Change: Comparative Perspectives
  • Margaret Joiner, New Zealand First party

BA Hons (recent)

  • Judy Callingham, Parliamentary Press Secretaries
  • Alexandra Crow, Use of Urgency in the NZ Parliament
  • Avi Singh, Minor Party Leadership
  • Jonny Talbot, Maori Party and Multi-Party Government
  • Chris Waterman, Impact of Leadership on National Party


  • Professor of Politics and International Relations

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Miller, R. K. (2015). Democracy in New Zealand (First). Auckland: Auckland University Press. Pages: 278.
  • Lundberg, T., & Miller, R. (2014). Letting the Voters Decide: Government Referendums and the Management of Risk. Paper presented at 64th British Political Studies Association Annual International Conference, University of Manchester. 14 April - 17 April 2014. Related URL.
  • Kaiser, A., Miller, R., & Croissant, A. (2014). Sustainable Governance Indicators: 2014 New Zealand Report. Gütersloh, Germany. Related URL.
  • Lundberg, T., & Miller, R. (2014). Democracy and Representation: Mass-Elite Opinion and the MMP Review. In J. Vowles (Ed.) The New Electoral Politics in New Zealand: The Significance of the 2011 Election (pp. 199-216). Wellington: Institute for Governance and Policy Studies.
  • Marsh, I., & Miller, R. (2012). Democratic Decline and Democratic Renewal: Political Change in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. 10.1017/CBO9781139198691
  • Curtin, J., & Miller, R. (Eds.) (2011). Coalitions: Special issue of Political Science. Wellington: Political Science/Sage. Pages: 142.
  • Miller, R., & Curtin, J. (2011). Counting the Costs of Coalition: The Case of New Zealand's Small Parties. Political Science, 63 (1), 106-125. 10.1177/0032318711407294
  • Miller, R. (Ed.) (2010). New Zealand Government and Politics (5th). Melbourne: Oxford University Press. Pages: 635.

Contact details

Primary location

Level 5, Room 514
New Zealand