Associate Professor Roberto J Gonzalez-Casanovas

BA(Hons), MA, MTheolStud, PhD (Harvard)

Associate Professor | European Languages & Literatures

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Research interests: Early-modern Iberian, Mediterranean, trans-Atlantic cross-cultural studies (history, literature, religion); colonial Latin America (Caribbean, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay); historiography of voyages, missions, utopias, dystopias; historicism, postcolonialism; Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese.

Interdisciplinary by training, I hold five degrees from Harvard that combine cross-cultural studies with specialisations in English, French, Spanish and Latin American history, literature and religion. These interrelated interests have led to scholarly publications that include a total of 5 books and 60 articles since 1989. They range from medieval to early-modern cultural and literary studies on Iberia, the Mediterranean, and colonial Latin America. In 2006-2012 my interdisciplinary research has evolved: starting from comparative studies of multicultural empires and hybrid identities in late-medieval to early-modern Catalan, Spanish, and Portuguese expansion across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, it has moved into cross-cultural revisionist historiography of colonial Latin American frontier missions in periods of crisis and transition from 1492 to 1800. My methodology involves comparative historical-literary analysis of colonial to postcolonial receptions of the religious-political discourses of conversion and civilisation, as well as of the myths of utopia and polemics of dystopia about the New World encounters. These receptions are traced across Europe and the Americas in Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, and Latin textual and critical traditions.



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Semester Two 2013 (weeks one to six only): Thursday 1-2pm or by email consultation.

Students are asked to email queries, including full name and ID number.


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