Dr Xuelin Zhou



  • MA in Literature from Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages (1986); MA in Modern British Studies from University of Warwick (1991); PhD in Film Studies from University of Auckland (2003)

Thesis topic
To screen new heroes: a study of Chinese "youth problem" films

Research | Current

  • Chinese genre films

I am currently working on a project exploring the form and the content of some prominent genres in the Chinese-language cinemas. My recent research interests include how a youth culture is represented in the films of Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.

Dr Xuelin Zhou's Research

Teaching | Current

MEDIA 101 Film Studies

MEDIA 202 Hollywood and its Others

MEDIA 205 Screening Hong Kong

MEDIA 221 Action Film

MEDIA 307 Hollywood and its Others

MEDIA 308 Screening Hong Kong

MEDIA 315 Action Film

MEDIA 743 Chinese Film Genres

Postgraduate supervision

The topics of my recent doctoral supervision include interaction of early Chinese cinema with Hollywood, realism in contemporary Chinese cinema and Chinese cyberculture.


Internatioanl Liasion

Areas of expertise

film studies, Chinese-language film, youth culture

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Zhou, X. (2017). Chinese youth in Chinese film. China Policy Institute: Analysis: The online journal of the China Policy Institute, 2017 (7).
  • Zhou, X. (2017). Youth Culture in Chinese Language Film Introduction. ROUTLEDGE. Pages: 36.
  • Zhou, X. (2017). Youth Culture in Chinese Language Film Conclusion. ROUTLEDGE. Pages: 11.
  • Xuelin, Z. (2016). Genre, war, ideology: Anti-Japanese war films in Taiwan and Mainland China. Chinese Studies in History, 49 (4), 232-247. 10.1080/00094633.2015.1214514
  • Zhou, X. (2016). Youth Culture in Chinese Language Film. Routledge. Pages: 206.
  • Zhou, X. (2016). The instrumentalisation of action: martial arts, cultural revolution, and youth rebellion. Paper presented at The Cultural Revolution Today: Literature, Film, and Cultural Debates, The University of Hong Kong. 2 June - 3 June 2016. Related URL.
  • Zhou, X. (2016). Youth Film in Chinese Cinema = 表現青年:青年電影研究和中國青年電影發展. Film Appreciation = 電影欣賞, 34 (1-2), 108-115.
  • Zhou, X. (2015). "Bridge of spies": city, ideology and secret agent 001. Paper presented at Interconnecting East Asian Cities and Beyond: Reframing the Early History of Chinese Cinema, Shanghai Theatre Academy. 18 December - 20 December 2015. Related URL.


Contact details

Office hours

1-3 pm Monday

Primary office location

HSB - EAST - Bldg 201E
New Zealand

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