Mr Vincent Troy Greenier

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Vincent Greenier holds an MA in TEFL/TESL from the University of Birmingham and is currently a PhD Candidate in Applied Language Studies and Linguistics at the University of Auckland. He has taught EFL in East Asia for more than 11 years in a wide range of teaching contexts.

Research | Current

Greenier, V. (2017). Preparing Teachers for the Challenges of Constructivist Teaching. In Wong, L & Hyland K. (Eds.) Faces of English Education: Students, Teachers and Pedagogy (pp. 260-274). New York. Routledge.

Greenier, V. and Whitehead, G. (2016). Towards a Model of Teacher Leadership in ELT: Authentic Leadership in Classroom Practice. RELC Journal. (in print)

Greenier, V. (2015). Using a Literature-based Approach to Achieve ‘The Goals of Korean Education’: Perspective from Three Native-Speaking English Teachers. Studies in British and American Literature. Vol. 118. Pp. 349-380.

Teaching | Current

ACADENG 100 Forms in Academic English

ACADENG 101 Academic English Writing

LANGTCHG 300 Theory and Practice of Language Teaching

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