Associate Professor Vivienne Elizabeth

BA (Hons) PhD Cant. , BA Otago

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Associate Professor

Research interests

Post-separation families, custody disputes, intimate partner violence and coercive control, partnership formalisation, gendered identities, qualitative research.

Research | Current

  • Post-separation familial relationships
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Relationship formalisation
  • Gendered identities and power relations

I am currently researching mothers’ experiences of losing care time with their children following parental separation. This research builds on earlier research on custody disputes and their intersection with intimate partner violence and coercive control. I have also undertaken research recently that examines couples' transitions from informal to formal unions (i.e., marriages and civil unions).

Teaching | Current

SOCIOL 214 Sociology of Gender

SOCIOL 222 Families, Labour and Love

SOCIOL 322 Special Topic: A Sociology of Relational Life

Postgraduate supervision

Doctoral Supervision

  • Richey Wyver .  "More Beautiful than Something we could Create Ourselves": Exploring Swedish Transnational/-racial Adoption Desire. PhD in progress.
  • Bhavna Harchandani.  Occupational biography and career change: the difference between stigmatised and non-stigmatised occuaptions. PhD in progress.
  • Hubert Asiedu.  Work-family conflict in Ghana. PhD in progress.
  • George Parker.  Reshaping reproduction: experiencing reproductive health care in the context of obesity risk management.  PhD in progress.
  • Christina VogelsAdolescents and their conceptualisation of adolescent intimate partner abuse. PhD in progress.
  • Stephen McTaggart.  Male/Female Partnerships in Cohabitation and Marriage: Changing Trends in New Zealand. Awarded 2015.
  • Tulia Thompson.  The negotiation of sexual and cultural identities among Pacific peoples who have same-sex relationships. Awarded 2014.
  • Meredith Bean.  The internet industry of love: Online date in New Zealand and users perceived effects on relationships and self. Awarded 2012
  • Dominc AndraeSubmerged: An exploration of how a marginalised urban community interacts with aspects of the New Zealand judicial system. Awarded 2011.
  • Johanna Schmidt.  Migrating genders: Westernisation and Samoan fa’afafine. Awarded 2005.

MA supervision

  • Moeata Keil.  “Family”, family obligations and money: Pacific mothers’ discussions of child support. MA thesis. Awarded 2015
  • Nicola Harrison.  So, Who Am I Now? How does the discovery of a family reproductive secret impact understanding of personal identity?  MA thesis. Awarded 2014
  • Hannah Rossiter.  Girl in the Kinks shirt: Belonging and identity for butch transwomen in the trans community. MA dissertation. Awarded 2014
  • Jane Ferguson.  The dream is over: The moral regulation of Single Mothers in New Zealand. MA thesis. Awarded 2015
  • Maddie Moore.  The Unspeakability of problems with gut functions: The taboo of talking about poop. MA thesis.  Awarded 2013
  • Rachel Stiff.  Scripting femininity through netball. MA thesis. Awarded 2011.
  • Helen Cox.  Playing the game: Careerism in academe.  MA thesis. Awarded 2010.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Bell, S. A., Elizabeth, V., McIntosh, T., & Wynyard, M. (Eds.) (2017). A Land of Milk & Honey? Making Sense of Aotearoa New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press. Pages: 336.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Avril Bell, Tracey McIntosh
  • Elizabeth, V. (2016). ‘I’d just lose it if there was any more stress in my life’: Separated Fathers, Fathers’ Rights and the News Media. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 5 (2), 107-107. 10.5204/ijcjsd.v5i2.312
  • Elizabeth, V. B. (2016). Child custody. In C. Shehan (Ed.) The Wiley Blackwell encyclopedia of family studies (pp. 1-6). Chichester, UK: Wiley Blackwell. 10.1002/9781119085621.wbefs107
  • Elizabeth, V. (2016). Dear Laurel. In J. White (Ed.) Permission: The International Interdisciplinary Impact of Laurel Richardson's Work (pp. 130-131). Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
  • Elizabeth, V. B. (2016). Custody disputes. In C. Shehan (Ed.) The Wiley Blackwell encyclopedia of family studies (pp. 1-5). Chichester, UK: Wiley Blackwell. 10.1002/9781119085621.wbefs106
  • Elizabeth, V. B. (2015). Making the links: Vengeful postseparation attacks on mothers and children. Paper presented at The Annual TASA Conference, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. 23 November - 26 November 2015. Related URL.
  • Elizabeth, V. (2015). Sustaining corrosive parental relationships through paper abuse. Paper presented at School of Social Sciences Seminar, Monash University, Monash University, Melbourne. 30 April - 30 April 2015. Related URL.
  • Elizabeth, V., & Baker, M. (2015). Transiting through cohabitation to marriage: emerging commitment and diminishing ambiguity. Families, Relationships and Societies, 4 (1), 53-70. 10.1332/204674314X14036151626086
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Maureen Baker

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