Associate Professor Lisa Kaaren Bailey

MA (Auckland) PhD (Princeton)

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Associate Professor


  • Associate Professor in History and in Classics and Ancient History

Research | Current

  • Christianity in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
  • Slavery and the rhetoric of religious service
  • The religious cultures of the laity
  • Preaching and sermon collections, especially in Gaul

Teaching | Current

ANCHIST 110 Ancient Eygpt, Greece and Rome

ANCHIST 103 Roman History

ANCHIST 255 The Later Roman Empire

ANCHIST 260 Roman Revolutions

ANCHIST 314 Historians of Rome

ANCHIST 355 The Later Roman Empire

ANCHIST 360 Roman Revolutions

ANCHIST 747AB Themes and Issues in Roman Culture

HISTORY 254 Barbarians: Antiquity to Vikings

HISTORY 354 Barbarians: Antiquity to Vikings

HISTORY 735 Saints and Sinners c. 300 - 800

HISTORY 706 European Cultural History

Postgraduate supervision

Topics currently supervising

  • Magic, religious deviance and the late antique legal tradition
  • Virgins and sacrifice
  • Religion, medicine and gender in early medieval Gaul
  • Indigenisation of Christianity in Medieval Scandanavia and 19th century NZ
  • The impact of Christianity on Icelandic sagas
  • Religion and Romanitas in Prudentius

Topics available to supervise

  • Late antiquity and early middle ages, especially religious and cultural history
  • Saints, relics and miracles; religious conflicts
  • ‘Barbarian’ cultures in Western Europe, early Byzantium
  • The end/ transformation of the Roman empire
  • Lay culture and religious experiences


  • Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Grant 2017
  • Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fast-Start Grant 2008


Associate Dean Postgraduate, Faculty of Arts

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Bailey, L. K. (2018). Scripture in the sermons of Caesarius of Arles. Early Medieval Europe, 26 (1), 42-60. 10.1111/emed.12247
  • Bailey, L. (2018). Preaching in fifth-century Gaul. Valerian of Cimiez and the Eusebius Gallicanus collection. In A. Dupont, S. Boodts, G. Partoens, J. Leemans (Eds.) Preaching in the Patristic Era: Sermons, Preachers and Audiences in the Latin West (pp. 253-273). Leiden: Brill. 10.1163/9789004363564_014
  • Bailey, L. K. (2016). Religious Worlds of the Laity in Late Antique Gaul (1st). Bloomsbury Publishing. Related URL.
  • Bailey, L. K. (2012). The strange case of the portable altar: Liturgy and the limits of episcopal authority in early medieval Gaul. Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association, 8, 31-51. Related URL.
  • Bailey, L. K. (2012). Within and without: lay people and the Church in Gregory of Tours' miracle stories. Journal of Late Antiquity, 5 (1), 119-144. 10.1353/jla.2012.0006
  • Bailey, L. K. (2010). Christianity's Quiet Success: The Eusebius Gallicanus Sermon Collection and the Power of the Church in Late Antique Gaul. Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press. Pages: 278.
  • Bailey, L., Diggelmann, L., & Phillips, K. M. (2009). Old worlds, New worlds: European Cultural Encounters. Turnhout: Brepols Pub. Pages: 217.
  • Bailey, L. K. (2009). "Our own most severe judges": the power of penance in the Eusebius Gallicanus sermons. In A. Cain, N. Lenski (Eds.) The Power of Religion in Late Antiquity (pp. 201-211). Surrey: Ashgate.


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