Dr Kenneth Edward Jackson

BA Hons, PhD (Kent)


Department: Centre for Development Studies

  • Postgraduate Adviser Development Studies
  • Associate Professor, University of Auckland (since 2003)
  • Visiting Professor Universiteti RIINVEST, Kosovo (2007-10).
  • Visiting Professor, Saga University, Japan (2005, 2007 and 2009).

Research | Current

  • Development, diasporas, migration and remittances, food security, aid effectiveness, foreign direct investment, infrastructure development, micro finance, trade, institutional change and economic liberalisation, economic history of Australia and New Zealand.


English by birth, Ken has a BA(Hons) degree and PhD from the University of Kent at Canterbury in Economic History. He was Director of the Centre for Development Studies at The University of Auckland in 2003-2008.

Ken has published on and worked in many parts of the developing world. In 2003, he worked in China on issues of food security and Kosovo on a USAID-funded project through an NGO Research Institute advising the Kosovan Assembly on budget and macroeconomic policy.

Ken's particular research concentration in recent times has been on International openess including migration and remittance activity. He is currently working on development topics related to Asia and the Pacific, specifically issues of micro-finance, remittances, economic policy, growth and development as well as issues relating to food security.

Associate Professor Kenneth Jackson's Research

Postgraduate supervision


PhD Theses in progress

  • Ofa Ketuu, "The role of culture in economic performance – a Tongan Perspective." Co-Supervisor: Associate Professor Manuka Henare.


  • Shama Ahmed, "The impact of financial flows on the economic growth and poverty in Pakistan." Co-Supervisor: Dr Christine Woods.


  • Nasir Khan, "Mapping the collective intent of a social structure within the capabilities space: a case study of Pakistan." Co-Supervisor: Associate Professor Manuka Henare.


  • Asif Khan, "Is the present food crisis an obstacle or an opportunity for developing countries to integrate into World  Economy? A case study of Pakistan." Co-Supervisor: Dr Nick Lewis.


  • Faheem Mohammed, "Politics of underdevelopment and prospects of a sustainable change in Tribal Areas of  Pakistan." Co-Supervisor: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem.


  • Julio Escalante, "Los Caneros, and the Global Sugar Market: How the denunciation of the 1975 ACP-EC Sugar Protocol affects cane farmers in northern Belize – A Global Value Chain Approach." Co-Supervisor Christina Stringer.


  • Akiko Horita, "The Role of Japan's Official Development Assistance on Human Resource Development in Cambodia: A Study on Policies and Performance."

Associate Professor Kenneth Jackson's Postgraduate Supervision


Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Grant, B., & Welch, P. (2017). Book Reviews. Learning and Teaching, 10 (1).10.3167/latiss.2017.100107
  • Jackson, K. E. (2011). Reflecting on Fifty years in poverty. Massey University. Development Studies seminar Massey University.
  • Jackson, K. E. (2011). Reflections on Popular Culture as an Economic Resource. Paper presented at Intra-Regional Popular Cultural Flows: Towards an East Asian Identity, National Chengchi University in Taipei. 17 April - 19 April 2011.
  • Jackson, K. E. (2011). Globalisation, agriculture and development: New Zealand's path to prosperity?. In M. Tonts, A. Siddique (Eds.) Globalisation, Agriculture and Development: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific (pp. 54-68). Cheltenham, U.K.: Edward Elgar.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/11461
  • Jackson, K. E. (2011). The relationship between Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation in Developing Countries: Myths and Realities, or What we are Measuring. Paper presented at International Seminar on Poverty in the Contemporary World – Malady, Remedy, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Andra Pradesh, India. 17 August - 20 August 2011.
  • Jackson, K. E., & Horita, A. (2011). Cambodia and Aid Effectiveness from an Agriculture and Education Perspective. Journal of International Education and Business, 2 (1), 95-116.
  • Jackson, K. E. (2011). An analysis of the experience of the effects of the global financial recession on economic growth in Asian developing and transition economies with particular concern for unemployment and poverty; The experience of India and Vietnam. The Tenth Jubilee international conference Business and Employment on the topic The impact of the economic growth and innovation on business development, reduce unemployment and poverty in Kosova, in countries in transition and developing countries as well, 142-152. Prishtina Kosovo: IFK Kosova.
  • Jackson, K. E. (2011). An Analysis of the Experience of the Effects of the Global Financial Recession on Economic Growth in Asian Developing and Transition Economies with particular Concern for Unemployment and Poverty: The Experience of India and Vietnam. In I. Mustafa (Ed.) Impact of economic growth and innovation in business development, reducing unemployment and poverty in Kosovo, to countries in transition and developing countries (pp. 142-152). Pristina: International Finance Association of Kosovo.

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