Professor Jonathan Scott

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Fellow and Director of Studies in History, Downing College, Cambridge 1991-2002.

Carroll J. Amundson Professor of British History, University of Pittsburgh 2002-2009.

Research | Current

  • Early modern European (including British) politics, culture and ideas
  • Anglo-Dutch history
  • Empire
  • Travel writing
  • Maritime and oceanic history

Book published in March 2011

When the waves ruled Britannia: Geography and Political Identities, 1500-1800, Cambridge University Press.
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View Jonathan Scott's 2010 Inaugural lecture.

Teaching | Current

HISTORY 103 Global History (with Malcolm Campbell and Ryan Jones)

HISTORY 245 Anglo-Dutch Early Modernity

HISTORY 345 Anglo-Dutch Early Modernity

HISTORY 711 Texts and Contexts

Postgraduate supervision

  • Catherine Balleriaux, Reformation strategies: civility, conversion and Utopia in Spanish, French and English missionary writings in America, 1590-1670, (PhD).
  • Emma Zuroski, HMS Challenger and the Circulation of Scientific Knowledge (PhD).
  • Louis Gerdelan, Vision, Rulership and Culture in early modern Italy, (MA).
  • Jake Pollock, Geographical CompassingLong-range Voyage Accounts and the Book in Restoration England, (PhD).
  • Victoria Brauer, Animals and Violence during Early Modern German Festivals 1500-1700 (MA)
  • Tristan Sullivan-Vaughan, Silius Titus and the Politics of the Exclusion Crisis (MA).
  • Georgie Craw, `A World beyond the waters': Maori travel in the Tasman World, 1793-1839' (MA)
  • Sarah Lovatt, `Tangiers in the reign of Charles II' BA (Hons) dissertation.
  • Sarah Lovatt, `Opposition to Empire in Seventeenth Century England' (MA).
  • Sasha Rasmussen `Huguenot immigration to London, 1675-85' BA (Hons) dissertation.
  • Hal Thomas `Republicanism during the crisis of 1678-83' (MA).
  • Alistair Birchall, Joint Stock Companies and the English Financial Revolution (MA).


Commonwealth Scholar 1982-5

Research Fellow, Magdalene College, Cambridge 1986-8

British Academy Research Reader, 2001-2

Senior Visiting Fellow, University of Sydney, 2004

Senior Visiting Fellow, Lichtenberg-Kolleg, University of Goettingen, December 2013

Areas of expertise

Early modern European (including British) politics, culture and ideas; Anglo-Dutch history; Empire; travel writing; maritime and oceanic history.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Scott, J. (2016). Unfinished family business. Algernon Sidney’s arguments with Henry Hammond, Sir William Temple, Henry Sidney, Charles II, and the public executioner. The Seventeenth Century, 31 (4), 391-410. 10.1080/0268117X.2016.1244651
  • Scott, J. (2016). Good News From the Forest Floor : Review of Braddick, J. Michael, ed., The Oxford Handbook of the English Revolution, 2015. H-Albion Related URL.
  • Scott, J. (2015). Algernon Sidney's Life and Works (1623-1683). In M. P. Hannay, M. G. Brennan, M. E. Lamb (Eds.) Ashgate Research Companion to The Sidneys, 1500-1700 Volume 1: Lives (pp. 151-168). Farnham: Ashgate.
  • Scott, J. (2014). From English to British liberty, 1550-1800. European Review of History, 21 (1), 59-72. 10.1080/13507486.2013.875521
  • Scott, J. (2014). Maritime Orientalism, or, the political theory of water. History of Political Thought, 35 (1), 70-90. Related URL.
  • Scott, J. (2011). James Harrington's prescription for Healing and Settling. In M. J. Braddick, D. L. Smith (Eds.) The Experience of Revolution in Stuart Britain and Ireland (pp. 190-210). Cambridge Univ Pr.
  • Scott, J. (2011). When the Waves Ruled Britannia: Geography and Political Identities, 1500-1800. Cambridge Univ Pr. Pages: 227.
  • Scott, J. (2009). The Peace of Silence: Thucydides and the English Civil War. In J. S. Rusten (Ed.) Thucydides (pp. 405-433). Oxford: Oxford University Press.