Professor Erin G Carlston

Research | Current

  • Modernism
  • Jewish studies
  • Gender and sexuality

Teaching | Current

ENGLISH 101 Literature and the Contemporary

ENGLISH 206 Modernist Spaces

ENGLISH 705 Modernism and the Contemporary

Areas of expertise

Modernism, Jewish studies, gender and sexuality

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Carlston, E. G. (2013). Double Agents: Espionage, Literature, and Liminal Citizens. New York: Columbia University Press. Pages: 320.
  • Cantwell, R., & Carlston, E. (2012). Teaching Jewish literature in the south: A conversation. MELUS, 37 (2), 187-200. 10.1353/mel.2012.0032
  • Carlston, E. G. (2012). The Cambridge Spies, Intelligence and Sexual Profiling. British Politics Review, 7 (3), 8-9. Related URL.
  • Carlston, E. G. (2010). Modern Literature under Surveillance: American Writers, State Espionage, and the Cultural Cold War. American Literary History, 22 (3), 615-625. 10.1093/alh/ajq034
  • Carlston, E. G. (2009). German vices: Sexual/linguistic inversions in fin-de-siècle France. Romanic Review, 100 (3), 279-305.
  • Carlston, E. (2005). ‘Making the Margins Chaos’: Romantic and Anti-Romantic Readings of La Maravilla. Aztlan: a journal of Chicano studies, 30 (2), 113-135. Related URL.
  • Carlston, E. G. (2002). Secret Dossiers: Sexuality, Race, and Treason in Proust and the Dreyfus Affair. MFS Modern Fiction Studies, 48 (4), 937-968. 10.1353/mfs.2002.0074
  • Carlston, E. G. (1998). Defiance and Reconciliation in Paul Celan’s Die Niemandsrose. In E. Barkan, M.-D. Shelton (Eds.) Borders, Exiles and Diasporas (pp. 115-22). Stanford, California: Stanford University Press.


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