Dr Changzoo Song

BA (Kookmin), MA (Hangkuk), PhD (Hawaii)


  • Senior Lecturer in Korean

Research | Current

  • Korean politics and nationalism
  • Korean/Asian diasporas
  • Globalisation

Dr Changzoo Song studied Political Science and Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. His research interests include the politico-cultural dimensions of nationalism, Korean diasporic communities in the global context. He has been working on the nationalism and globalisation in the context of migrations of Koreans, and he is particularly interested in the following topics: Korean migrations Transnational lifestyles and identity changes of Korean Chinese migrant workers in South Korea, Comparative ethnic return migrations of Korean Chinese and Soviet Koreans to South Korea, Political consciousness and political participation of Korean Chinese migrant workers in South Korea, and Korean/Asian diasporic communities.

Dr. Song’s current research projects include the following: (1) the relationship between homeland and Korean diasporic communities, particularly Korean Chinese and Soviet Koreans; (2) the dynamics of nationalism and multiculturalism in Korea; and (3) Comparing ethnic return migrations of Korean Chinese and Soviet Koreans. He has been publishing articles and monographs on the topic. The most recent one is "Engaging the diaspora in an era of transnationalism: South Korea's effort to build a deterritorialised nation" (2014).

Dr Changzoo Song's Research

Teaching | Current

ASIAN 100 Images of Asia

ASIAN 204 Asian Diasporas

ASIAN 302 Asian Diasporas

KOREAN 120 Korean Society and Culture

KOREAN 705 Advanced Translation Practice

Postgraduate supervision

Dr. Song is currently supervising three PhD candidates: Sabiduria (Jihye) Kim, who is working on the Korean Argentinian garment manufacturers and dealers in Argentina; Patrick Flamm, who is working on South Korea's identity and its foreign policy; and Jacob Cowan whose research is about the resistance to the regime in North Korea. 


East-West Center's Graduate Fellowhsip (1988); Hangul Award from the Korean Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Sports (2009)  

Areas of expertise

My main research areas include nationalism, nation-building, and changes in nationalist ideology in Korea; Korean diaspora and identity transformations; Korea's diasporic engagement policy and de-territorialisation. I am also interested in language and nationalism issues.          

Committees/Professional groups/Services

CLL Undergraduate Committee

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Song, C. (2016). ディアスポラ帰還、故国、階層構造、そしてアイデンティティ――韓国における朝鮮民族ディアスポラ帰還者の経験 = Diasporic Return, Homeland, Hierarchy, and Identity : Experiences of Korean Diasporic Returnees in South Korea. ノモス = Nomos = Nomosu, 39, 61-90.
  • Song, C. (2016). Kimchi, seaweed, and seasoned carrot in the Soviet culinary culture: The spread of Korean food in the Soviet Union and Korean diaspora. Journal of Ethnic Foods, 3 (1), 78-84. 10.1016/j.jef.2016.01.007
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/29772
  • Song, C. (2015). The Use of Nationalist Ideology in the Economic Development of South Korea: Implications for East Asian Development Model. In S. Hua, R. Hu (Eds.) East Asian Development Model: 21st Century Perspectives (pp. 21-43). New York: Routledge. Related URL.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/25732
  • Song, C. (2014). Transcultural Business Practices of Korean Diaspora and Identity Politics: Korean Sushi Business and the Emergence of “Asian” Identity”. Studies of Koreans Abroad, 32 (3), 1-23. Related URL.
  • Song, C. (2014). Identity Politics and the Meaning of ‘Homeland’ among Korean Chinese Migrants in South Korea. Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural System and World Economic Development, 43 (4), 441-479.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/26100
  • Song, C. (2014). Engaging the diaspora in an era of transnationalism: South Korea’s engagement with its diaspora can support the country’s development. IZA World of Labour (64), 1-10. 10.15185/izawol.64
  • Song, C. (2013). Ethnic Entrepreneurship of Korean New Zealanders: Restaurant Business as Self-Employment Practice. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, 15 (2), 94-109. Related URL.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/26125
  • Hong, Y., Song, C., & Park, J. K. (2013). Korean, Chinese, or What? : Identity Transformations of Chosŏnjok (Korean Chinese) Migrant Brides in South Korea. Asian Ethnicity, 14 (1), 29-51. 10.1080/14631369.2012.703074
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Julie Park

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Mondays 3-4pm and Tuesdays 2-3pm

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ARTS 2 - Bldg 207
Level 4, Room 426
New Zealand