Mr Adam Hamish Dalgleish

BA Massey University; BA (Hons) University of Auckland

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


My primary research (and thesis) focuses on what exactly our obligations to refugees are in a non-ideal context and how these obligations should interact with the moral, empirical and political contexts they reside in. This project makes contact with various literature including global justice, philosophy of immigration, international relations, forced displacement studies, refugee economics and development studies.

My second research focus relates to what exactly it means to be an effective ‘critical thinker’. Robust critical thinking, I argue, involves at least three aspects: Argumentative knowledge, dispositional traits and awareness of bias both psychological and sociological. This project touches on epistemology, feminist philosophy, social psychology, sociology and politics.

When I am not working I like to hunt for new places to eat or drink, bake desserts to share and hike the tallest, greenest things I can find. I am also the president of Effective Altruism Auckland and use this as an opportunity to stimulate discussions about critical thinking and global justice among university and high school students.

Areas of expertise

  • Global Justice
  • Philosophy of Immigration
  • International Relations
  • Forced Migration Studies
  • Critical Thinking Methodology