Dr Nicole Perry

BA University of Alberta, MA McGill University, PhD University of Toronto


Nicole Perry is a Lecturer in German at the University of Auckland. She is also currently a Lise Meitner Fellow (2013-2017) funded by the Austrian Scientific Fund (FWF) for her project "Performing Germaness; Reclaiming Aboriginality". She completed her PhD in  Germanic Languages and Literatures at the University of Toronto (2012) with a dissertation on the German image of Native Americans from 1800-present and took up a Postdoctoral position in German at University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria after completing her doctorate. She has taught a range of courses at universities including: the University of Guelph, University of Vienna and Masaryk University, Brno, CZ.

Research | Current

Nicole's research focuses primarily on the German image of America and of Indigenous peoples of North America 1800-present. Her current project reverses the gaze and examines how Indigenous artists from North America reclaim and reappropriate the German Indianer image in a postcolonial context. Her other interests include contemporary Austrian literature, theatre, film, and culture; Germany in the South Pacific; travel writing; and questions of gender and sexuality in literature and media.

Teaching | Current

GERMAN 230 German Cinema from Murnau to Riefenstahl

Postgraduate supervision

I am happy to discuss topics of supervision in German literature, culture, and film 1750-present; German and North American relations; Germany and the South Pacific; German Postcolonialisms; Holocaust writing; Travel writing; Comparative Literature with German. 

2017 Samuel MacKenzie

2016 Rebecca Reilly


Co-Director Research Centre for Germanic Connections with New Zealand and the Pacific

German Postgraduate Adviser

Comparative Literature Undergraduate and Postgraduate Adviser

ELL/COMP LIT Doctoral Adviser

Areas of expertise

Germanic literature and culture 1750-present; representations of North America and Indigenous North America; Film and New Media Studies; Visual Culture; Travel Writing; contemporary Austrian literature, Charles Sealsfield; Indigenous Studies; Holocaust Studies

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Perry, N. J. (2018). Winnetou is still Alive: Indianthusiasm in the 21st Century. Paper presented at The Imaginary Indian: The Images, Stereotypes and Perceptions of North American Indigenous Populations in Central Europe, Edmonton, Alberta. 29 August - 30 August 2018. Related URL.
  • Perry, N. (2018). The savagery of America? Nineteenth-century German literature and indigenous representations. In M. P. Fitzpatrick, P. Monteith (Eds.) Savage worlds: German encounters abroad 1798-1914. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press. Related URL.
  • Hofenender, V., & Perry, N. (Eds.) (2018). Germanistik Grenzlos: Festschrift für Wynfrid Kriegleder um 60. Geburtstag (German Studies Grenzlos: Festschrift for Wynfrid Kriegleder on her 60th birthday). Vienna, Austria: Praesens Verlag. Pages: 288. Related URL.
  • Perry, N. (2018). Amerika, hast du es besser? Cooper und Sealsfield als amerikanische Schriftsteller (America, do you have it better? Cooper and Sealsfield as American writers). In V. Hofeneder, N. Perry (Eds.) Germanistik Grenzlos: Festschrift für Wynfrid Kriegleder um 60. Geburtstag (German Studies Grenzlos: Festschrift for Wynfrid Kriegleder on her 60th birthday) (pp. 40-45). Vienna, Austria: Praesens Verlag. Related URL.
  • Perry, N. (2017). German cultural appropriations of indigeneity: "Indianer", Winnetou, and indigenous interventions. Paper presented at The Entangled Gaze: Indigenous and European Views of Each Other, Toronto, Canada. 18 October - 20 October 2017.
  • Perry, N. (2017). The beginning of a love affair? Buffalo Bill in Germany. Paper presented at Buffalo Bill Centennial Symposium, Cody, WY, USA. 2 August - 4 August 2017.
  • Perry, N. (2017). Germany's Indianer: A cultural production. Paper presented at Transculturality, Translation and Transmission, Gothenburg, Sweden. 19 January 2017.
  • Perry, N. (2017). "Travelling the South Seas: Imperium and the legend of August Engelhardt". Paper presented at [Key Topics in Literature: Travel Writing: Texts, Contexts and Criticism], Bremen, Germany. 17 January 2017.