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I earned my BA in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley, after which I obtained an MA and PhD in sociology from the same institution. My MA focused on the rise of direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs, while my PhD examined the use of Ritalin in the United States and France. Since then I've gone upstream, examining the source of disease. This has included analyzing the impact of toxicant exposure, medicine's coverage of toxicants, and the role universities play in perpetuating the toxification of society.

After lecturing at UC-Berkeley in 2010 and 2011, I arrived at the University of Auckland in July of 2011, and have adapted my courses (environmental sociology, and sociology of health, illlness and medicine) for the local context. As well, I've revamped the "Becoming Modern" course, have provided public lectures on medical sociology, and am currently co-teaching the "Global Issues, Sustainable Futures" course. 

Research | Current

  • Greening the university
  • Sociology of toxicants
  • Social construction of pesticide use
  • Social production of disease
  • Sociology of ADHD
  • Sociology of diagnosis
  • Social construction of treatment practices
  • Sociology of pharmaceuticals

I am currently working on three projects: 1) the social construction of ADHD treatment practices in France, Great Britain and the United States; 2) the social construction of pesticide use; and 3) greening the university.

Teaching | Current

SOCIOL 102 Becoming Modern: The Origins and Consequences of Modernity

SOCIOL 229 Environmental Sociology

SOCIOL 333 Sociology of Health, Illness, and Medicine

SOCIOL 745 Special Topic: The Sociology of Science

GENED 101G Global Issues, Sustainable Futures

Postgraduate supervision

(ongoing) Alika Wells. "Green Opportunities within Kiwi Criminology" (MA thesis)

2017. Angela Brower. “Eat Local? Food Activism and the Politics of the Possible.” (PhD thesis)

2016. Rhona Winnington, “Deviance as otherness in end of life care: social and medical consequences of non-compliance to medical ideals of best practice in palliation.” (PhD thesis)

2015. Peter Beaver. “The Effects of Organisation and Governance on Patient Safety in NZ Public Hospitals.” (PhD thesis)

2015. Deepti Joshi Vijapurapu. "Day Traders: A Sociological Analysis of Compulsive Gambling in the Financial Market." (Honors directed study thesis)

2013. Zoë Bunting, “Subsidising Agricultural Expansion at the Expense of Public Health: The case of 2,4,5-T and the role of Government in the Regulation of Toxicants”, (MA thesis)

2012. John Francis, “All Ritalin and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy: Examining the De-emphasis of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for the Treatment of ADHD in New Zealand”, (Hons directed study)


2016. Faculty of Arts "Early Career Teaching Excellence Award", University of Auckland


Sociology Undergraduate Adviser

Director of the 'Social Sciences for Public Health' major. University of Auckland

Organizer of the ‘Students and the Greening of Society’ Symposium. University of Auckland, March 2015.

Session organizer for the "Environmental Sociology" regular sessions at the 2014 American Sociological Association meetings.

Sociology Teaching and Learning committee

Areas of expertise

Greening the university; Sociology of Toxicants; Social Construction of Pesticide Use; Social Production of Disease; Sociology of ADHD; Sociology of Diagnosis; Social Construction of Treatment Practices; Sociology of Pharmaceuticals.

Committees/Professional groups/Services


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Technical Reports and Refereed Conference Proceedings
Vallée, Manuel. 2005. “Bypassing the Gatekeepers: The Emergence of Consumer Advertising for Prescription Drugs.” Conference Proceedings - GEIRSO Conference on Pharmaceuticals & Society.

Eisenberg, Merrill, David Driscoll, Chris Ringwalt, and Manuel Vallée. 2001. “An Ethnographic Evaluation of the Truth(tm) Tour.” Unpublished report to the American Legacy Foundation.

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Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Vallee, M. (2017). Expanding ADHD definitions and medicine's control over childhood. Paper presented at 112th ASA (American Sociological Association) Annual Meeting, Montréal, Canada. 12 August - 15 August 2017.
  • Vallée M (2017). Repositioning universities for environmental sustainability and environmental justice. Paper presented at Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene Symposium, Colorado. 24 April - 25 April 2017.
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