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Senior Lecturer
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Research | Current

  • Cultural history of Medieval and Early Modern Europe
  • The Anglo-Norman period (11th-12th centuries)
  • The Crusades
  • History of emotions

My research involves the study of attitudes to and representations of the ‘emotional’ nature of kingship in a variety of historical and fictional texts (chronicles, romances) c. 1050 - c. 1250. I also work on political marriages and their diplomatic consequences in the Anglo-Norman era.

Teaching | Current


Summer School

HUMANITIES 101 Europe: Medieval to Modern


Semester 1

EUROPEAN 100 / 100G Europe and the World

HISTORY 243 Body and Blood: Religious Cultures and Conflicts

HISTORY 356 Body and Blood: Religious Cultures and Conflicts

Postgraduate supervision

Current projects

PhD Thesis

  • Chantelle Bowden, "Emotions and the Seventeenth-Century Family" (co-supervised with Erin Griffey and Jonathan Scott).

MA Theses

  • Alexandra Forsyth, "Dauphines of France, 1350 to 1491" (co-supervised with Tracy Adams).
  • James Brown, "Reign, teenaged drama and the telling of history" (co-supervised with Jennifer Frost).

BA (Hons) Research Projects

  • Rhiannon Heavey, "Exploring the Growth of Christianity in the Kingdom of Northumbria, c. 604 - c. 954".
  • Grace Milligan, "A Comparative Study of Mughal Leadership under the Emperors Babur and Akbar".
  • Mary Sands, "Allies and Enemies: Examining experiences and perspectives of Muslim and Jewish elites in the Taifa courts of Islamic Spain".

Completed projects

  • Michaela Selway, MA thesis, "Biblical Texts and Ideas in Medieval Histories" (co-supervised with Lisa Bailey), completed 2020.
  • Ashlee Johnson, MA thesis, "Mother, Wife and Rebel: A Comparative Study of Gender in the Rebellions of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Isabella of France", completed 2019.
  • Alexandra Forsyth, BA (Hons) dissertation, “A Comparative Study of Ælfthryth, Queen of England, and St Margaret, Queen of Scotland” (co-supervised with Tracy Adams), completed 2019.
  • Charlie Hatherell, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Analysing the Behaviours of Key Figures in the Albigensian Crusade”, completed 2019.
  • Manisha Patel, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Perceptions of Norman military force in England and Italy during the 11th century”,completed 2019.
  • Sophie Hull-Brown, BA (Hons) dissertation, "Between Love and Fear: Caring for the Dead and Dying during the Black Death in Europe", completed 2018.
  • Michaela Selway, BA (Hons) dissertation, "Contesting the Motivations for Conversion in Las Siete Partidas", completed 2018.
  • Jessica Thomas, BA (Hons) dissertation, "Portraying the Converted of Britain and Scandinavia in Christian Missions, sixth to ninth centuries", completed 2018.
  • Ross Wardrop, BA (Hons) dissertation, "The Interlinking and Shared Themes of Violence and Heroism in the Creation of the Heroic Myths of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace", completed 2018.
  • Chantelle Bowden, MA thesis, "Emotions and the Renaissance Family: The Strozzi Letters", completed 2017.
  • James Ferguson, BA (Hons) dissertation, "An Examination of the Expression of Emotions in Dudo of Saint Quentin’s History of the Normans", completed 2017.
  • Marieke Goldsmith, BA (Hons) dissertation, "Exploring Emotional Responses during the First and Third Crusades in Islamic Texts", completed 2017.
  • Timothy Green, BA (Hons) dissertation, "Third Crusade Morality in Modern Fictional Media", completed 2017.
  • Benjamin O'Callaghan, MA thesis, "The Afterlife of Edward the Confessor, 1066-c.1400", completed 2016.
  • François-Rene du Toit, MA thesis, “Medieval Creatures, Imagined and Real: Attitudes and Practices Concerning Animals c. 1100 – c. 1400 CE”, completed 2016.
  • Giulia Eugster, BA (Hons) dissertation, "In the Midst of War and Peace: A Comparative Study of Christine de Pizan’s Political Theory in Two Medieval Texts",completed 2016.
  • Patrick Fitzgibbon, BA (Hons) dissertation, "The Other as Barbarian: Representations of ‘Otherness’ during the First Crusade", completed 2016.
  • Josiah Lawry, BA (Hons) dissertation,"The Evolution of the Idea of Chivalry in Medieval Texts", completed 2016.
  • Chantelle Perrow, BA (Hons) dissertation, "Medieval Matriarchs: A Comparative Study of Margaret Paston and Alessandra Strozzi", completed 2015.
  • Gordon Elder, BA (Hons) dissertation, "Perceptions of Muslims in Norman Chronicle Texts", completed 2015.
  • Tracey Abbott, BA (Hons) dissertation, “The Courtesan as Early Modern Educated Woman – Tullia D’Aragona, Gaspara Stampa and Veronica Franco”, completed 2014.
  • Benjamin O’Callaghan, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Of snarling, solace, and turbulent priests: the role of emotion in understanding the Becket controversy”, completed 2014.
  • Daniel Tomlin, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Christian and Islamic Relations within Early Modern Granada, 1492-1570”, completed 2014.
  • François-Rene du Toit, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Picturing Crusaders: The Portrayal of Major Figures in Sources for the Albigensian Crusade”, completed 2013.
  • Beata Nannestad, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Rhetorics of Reform in Papal Correspondence of the Eleventh Century”, completed 2013.
  • Scott Pilkington, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Understanding the death of the ‘sodomite’ Hugh Despenser the Younger: an examination of the relationship between same-sex activity and law in the medieval period”, completed 2013.
  • Oliver Skinner, MA thesis, “Reading the Fabulous in Anglo-Norman Histories”, completed 2013.
  • Verity-Ann O’Neill, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Queenship and Motherhood in Merovingian Gaul” (co-supervised with Lisa Bailey), completed 2012.
  • Stephen Sequeira, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Bad Mothers, Evil Shrews and Diabolical Neighbours: Case Studies of Early Modern Witchcraft Trials”, completed 2012.
  • Charles Boon, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Saladin: Discrepancies in Contemporary Christian and Muslim Characterisations of Salah al-Din”, completed 2011.
  • Georgie Craw, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Emotive Language of the Fifth Crusade: Ideas of Christian and Islamic Communities”, completed 2011.
  • Oliver Skinner, BA (Hons) dissertation, “Anti-‘Peasant’ Rhetoric in Reports on the Popular Revolts of the Late Fourteenth Century”, completed 2011.
  • Louis Gerdelan, MA Thesis, “The Logic of Representation in the Public Spectacles of Early Modern Florence”, completed 2011.
  • Michelle Smith, PhD thesis, "Assessing Gender in the Construction of Scottish Identity, c. 1286-1586" (co-supervised with Kim Phillips), completed 2009.
  • Jennie Oakley, MA thesis, "Early Tudor Family Relationships: The Lisle Letters" (co-supervised with Kim Phillips), completed 2009.


Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Arts


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Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Diggelmann, L. (2019). Crusading in the Media: Reflections on a Medievalist's Role in Public Debate. PARERGON, 36 (2), 183-186. 10.1353/pgn.2019.0064
  • Diggelmann, L. M. (2018). The ‘Slime of Vice’ and the ‘Passions of the Mind’: Emotional Histories in the Anglo-Norman World. In P. Maddern, J. McEwan, A. M. Scott (Eds.) Performing Emotions in Early Europe (pp. 107-131). Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols.
  • Diggelmann, L. M. (2017). Magna Carta and memorialization: The perils of historical anniversaries. In S. winter, C. Jones (Eds.) Magna Carta and New Zealand: History, Politics and Law in Aotearoa (pp. 23-44). Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan. 10.1007/978-3-319-58439-3
  • Diggelmann, L. M. (2017). Chronicles and crowds: Accounts of urban unrest in Norman cities, 1090-1160. In A. Brown, J. Dumolyn (Eds.) Medieval urban culture (pp. 111-123). Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols. 10.1484/M.SEUH-EB.5.114419
  • Diggelmann, L. (2016). Marriage, peace and enmity in the twelfth century. Common Knowledge, 22 (2), 237-255. 10.1215/0961754X-3464935
  • Diggelmann, L. M. (2015). Emotional responses to medieval warfare in the 'History of William Marshal'. In A. Lynch, S. Downes, O'Louglin K (Eds.) Emotions and war: Medieval to romantic literature (pp. 24-41). UK: Palgrave Macmillan. 10.1057/9781137374073
  • Diggelmann, L. M. (2012). Gardens as 'Emotional Communities': Three Medieval French Examples. Digital Philology, 1 (2), 253-267. 10.1353/dph.2012.0019
  • Diggelmann, L. M. (2010). Hewing the Ancient Elm: Anger, Arboricide, and Medieval Kingship. Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 40 (2), 249-272.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/12948


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