Dr John Everitt Kupchik

Ph.D. 2011 (Linguistics), University of Hawaii

Research | Current

2017. Review of The role of contact in the origins of the Japanese and Korean languages, by J. Marshall Unger (2009). Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press. In Cahiers de Linguistique – Asie Orientale vol 46 (2):195-205.

2016. On the etymology of the Eastern Japanese word tego. In The Journal of the American Oriental Society, vol 136 (4): 733-743.

2013. Hypermetricality and synchronic vowel elision in hiatus contexts in Eastern Old Japanese poetry. In Cahiers de Linguistique – Asie Orientale vol 42 (1): 2-32.

2012. Morpheme-based rendaku as a rhythmic stabilizer in Eastern Old Japanese poetry. In Acta Linguistica Asiatica vol 2 (1): 9-22.

2011. A grammar of the Eastern Old Japanese dialects. Doctoral thesis, University of Hawaii at Manoa. xxxix + 1,018 pages.

2007.  A comprehensive study of mwo, mö, mye, mey, po, pye, and pey syllables in the Eastern Old Japanese dialects. In University of Hawaii Working Papers in Linguistics vol 38 (7): 1-33. 

Areas of expertise

  • Historical linguistics
  • Phonology
  • Morphology
  • Language contact
  • Japonic etymologies and reconstruction
  • Old Japanese poetry, linguistics and dialectology
  • Classical Japanese literature and linguistics
  • Old Ryukyuan poetry and linguistics
  • Hachijō linguistics
  • Ainu linguistics
  • Man’yōshū
  • Omoro Sōshi
  • Nara-period culture
  • Heian-period culture
  • Philology