Associate Professor Judith Huntsman

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Honorary Academic


1977-80, 1983-85, 1987, 1996-present: Elected Honorary Editor of the Polynesian Society responsible for editing, managing and producing the quarterly Journal of the Polynesian Society and the Memoirs and other publications of the Society.


Areas of expertise

The anthropology of the Island Pacific, especially western Polynesia.

Long-standing research (Over 30 years) in Tokelau atolls and among Tokelau people in New Zealand.

Topical studies: Histories and local narratives, migration and decolonisation, social organisation and gender, polities and politics.

Other: History of Anthropology, History in Anthropology.


Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Huntsman, J. (2017). The treasured things of Tokelau (Nayacakalou Medal Lecture). The Journal of the Polynesian Society, 126 (3), 253-282. 10.15286/jps.126.3.253-282
  • Huntsman, J. (2014). Kula the nurse and Nua the teacher: Tokelau's professional pioneers. Journal of the Polynesian Society, 123 (2), 185-207. 10.15286/jps.123.2.185-207
  • Huntsman, J. (2009). Pulling the right threads: The ethnographic life and legacy of Jane C. Goodale. ANTHROPOLOGICAL FORUM, 19 (1), 108-109.
  • Huntsman, J. (2008). Pacific encounters: Art & divinity in Polynesia 1760-1860. ANTHROPOLOGICAL FORUM, 18 (1), 88-90.
  • Huntsman, J. W. (2007). The Future of Tokelau: Decolonising Agendas 1975-2006. Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press. Pages: 304. Related URL.
  • Huntsman, J. (2003). Raymond Firth (1901-2002) - Obituary. AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST, 105 (2), 487-490. 10.1525/aa.2003.105.2.487
  • Huntsman, J. (2002). Persistence of the gift: Tongan tradition in transnational context. PACIFIC AFFAIRS, 75 (3), 502-504. 10.2307/4127339
  • Cheer, S. M., Allen, J. S., & Huntsman, J. (2000). Lactose digestion capacity in Tokelauans: A case for the role of gene flow and genetic drift in establishing the lactose absorption allele in a polynesian population. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 113 (1), 119-127. 10.1002/1096-8644(200009)113:1<119::AID-AJPA11>3.0.CO;2-6

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