Dr Hilary Chung


Founding Director of the Global Studies Programme (2017-)

Head of School of Asian Studies (2011-2013)

Associate Dean International (Faculty of Arts) (2008-2010)


Research | Current

  • Modern Chinese literature
  • Comparative Literature
  • Gender and representation in literature
  • The poetics of exile
  • Literature and representation of the Chinese diaspora 

My current research comprises a comparative study of embodiments of multiculturalism in diasporic Chinese theatre in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. I have a particular interest in Chinese New Zealand playwrights and the development of Chinese New Zealand theatre. 

A second project in collaboration with Associate Professor Bernadette Luciano explores the representation of the Chinese migrant in European film.

I also continue to work on aspects of the poetics of exile, with particular reference to the poets Yang Lian and Gu Chung, both of whom were exiles in New Zealand.

*Please note that for health reasons I am now no longer able to take on new PhD students*

Teaching | Current

ASIAN 100 Images of Asia

ASIAN 140 New Zealand and Asia

ASIAN 200 Asian Identities

ASIAN 303 Asian Identities

COMPLIT 705 Reading Across Cultures

COMPLIT 709 Reading Across Cultures

GLOBAL 100 Intercultural Communication

Postgraduate supervision

PhDs in progress    

  • Quan Zhou. Spatial narrative in Chinese diasporic writing in English. (Comparative Literature)
  • Yue Zhang. Translation, adaptation and interpretation of Li Yu's Casual Expression of Idle Feelings for English readers (Comparative Literature)
  • Li Yi.  Adapting Socialist Realism: Intertextuality and Indeterminacy of Chinese Literature and Performing Arts 1942-1990 (Chinese)
  • Xiaojun Ding. A comparative study of Polynesian literature of the Pacific and Indigenous Taiwanese literature (English)
  • Yuan Gao. A comparative study of the reception of Lin Yutang’s Works in the U.S., China and Taiwan (Comparative Literature)
  • Linetto Basilone. Allegories, Utopias and Chinoiseries. China and Italian Travel Literature in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century (Italian)

Completed PhDs

  • Xiaowen Yang. Representations of criminality in Chinese and Anglo-American fiction (Comparative Literature) 2016
  • Yu-wen Chih. Narrative constructions of Taiwanese Nationalism before and after the Lifting of Martial Law (Chinese) 2016
  • Ruicai Kong. Performing the Revolution: Model Theatre in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) (Chinese) 2016
  • Marie Kim: Ochikobore Seishun Shōsetsu: the portrayal of teenage rebellion in Japanese adolescent literature  (Japanese)  2015
  • Yan Guo. A Comparative Study of Physician-Writers’ Representations of What Makes a Good Doctor  (Comparative Literature) 2015
  • Jocelyn Chambers. Shi Pingmei: self, text and sisterhood.The strategic deployment of feminine autobiographicality in The Wild Rose Weekly. (Chinese) 2015
  • Bridget Tompkins. Italo Calvino and the Pygmalion paradigm : fashioning the feminine in I nostri antenati and Gli amori difficili (PhD Italian) 2013
  • Lanyin Stella Chao. The February 28 Incident in fiction from a postcolonial perspective. (Taiwanese Literature) 2012
  • Haifang Zhang. A comparative study of Shen Congwen and Witi Ihimaera as indigenous writers  (Comparative Literature) 2011
  • Jung Hsuan Chen. Crafting lives : the evolution of identity in the works of Zhu Tianxin and Kapka Kassabova (Comparative Literature) 2011
  • Kathy Ooi. Reorientations: a critical study of Chineseness in New Zealand literature (English) 2010 
  • Mei-hui Sun. Patriarchal family systems in the stories of Katherine Mansfield and Zhang Ailing (Comparative Literature) 2008
  • Jacob Edmond. Writing on the margins : the experimental poetry of Lyn Hejinian, Yang Lian and Arkadii Dragomoshchenko (Comparative Literature) 2004

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Chung, H. J., & Luciano, B. (2015). Autonomous Navigation? Multiplicity and Self-reflexive Aesthetics in Sergio Basso's documentary film Giallo a Milano and web-documentary Made in Chinatown. In C. Deprez, J. Pernin (Eds.) Post-1990 Documentary: Reconfiguring Independence (pp. 203-216). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Bernadette Luciano
  • Chung, H. J. (2015). Native Alienz. In G. Ghosh, J. Leckie (Eds.) Asians and the New Multiculturalism in Aotearoa New Zealand (pp. 93-118). Dunedin: Otago University Press.
  • Chung, H. J. (2014). Chineseness in (a) New Zealand life: Lynda Chanwai-Earle. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, 16 (2), 173-194. Related URL.
  • Chung, H., & Luciano, B. (2014). The dis/locat/ing migrant as an agent of transposition: Borensztein’s Un cuento chino and Segre’s Io sono Li. Studies in European Cinema, 11 (3), 191-211. 10.1080/17411548.2014.972671
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Bernadette Luciano
  • Chung, H. J. (2013). The autoethnographic impulse: two New Zealand Chinese playwrights. In J. Kuehn, K. Louie, D. M. Pomfret (Eds.) Diasporic Chineseness after the Rise of China: Communities and Cultural Production (pp. 80-99). Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: UBC Press.
  • Chung, H. J. (2012). Ghosts in the city: The Auckland exile of Yang Lian and Gu Cheng. Ka Mate Ka Ora : a New Zealand Journal of Poetry and Poetics (11), 5-26. Related URL.
  • East, M., Chung, H. J., & Arkinstall, C. (2012). A fair go for all: A contribution to the call for a national languages policy in Aotearoa New Zealand. New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics, 18 (2), 05-20. Related URL.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Christine Arkinstall, Martin East
  • Chung, H. J. (2007). Editorial Notes: Going Somewhere New. Ka Mate Ka Ora: A Journal of New Zealand Poetry and Poetics, 4, 1-4.

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Svetlana Kostrykina s.kostrykina@auckland.ac.nz

Phone: +64 9 923 8944

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