Dr Heather Battles

Research | Current

  • Infectious disease
  • History of epidemics
  • Historical demography

My research applies a holistic, biocultural approach to understanding the evolution and ecology of infectious diseases in human populations and their impacts, both social and biological. My most recent work examines mortality patterns in the epidemic emergence of poliomyelitis in the early 20th century (Canada and New Zealand).

Teaching | Current

ANTHRO 201 Human Evolution

ANTHRO 324 Medical Anthropology

ANTHRO 337 Birth, Death, and Disease: Anthropological Demography

ANTHRO 726B Advanced Biological Anthropology

Postgraduate supervision

Current graduate students

Rebecca Bell (MA) – Exploring gender as a mediator of micro-organism exposure and atopic disease in New Zealand preschool children.

Beatrice Hudson (PhD) - The bioarchaeology of pre-contact Māori burial practice: Differentiation in life and death - secondary supervisor (primary: Judith Littleton)

Past graduate students - MAs

Bobbie-Leigh Jones (MA) – The synergism between asthma, respiratory infections, and pollutants: A syndemic perspective. (2017)

Emily Ridgway (MA) - Child oral health in Northland, New Zealand: Exploring the local biology (co-supervisor with Judith Littleton) (2017)

Lakna Jayasinghe (MA) - Evaluating relationships between social support and stress response among a sample of immigrants in New Zealand: A biocultural approach - secondary supervisor (primary: Bruce Floyd) (2016)

Past graduate students - BA(Hons)

Rebecca Bell (BAHons) – Does gender socialization affect micro-organism exposure in young New Zealand children? (2016)

Bobbie-Leigh Dudley-Jones (BAHons) - Examining the biological synergism between asthma, respiratory viruses, and nitrogen dioxide using a syndemic framework (2015)

Elizabeth Thomas (BAHons) - Infectious disease in chimpanzees - secondary supervisor (primary: Nicholas Malone) (2015)

Areas of expertise

Infectious disease, history of epidemics, historical demography.

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Level 7, Room 718
New Zealand

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