Dr Felicity Barnes

PhD (Auckland)

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Senior Lecturer


  • Lecturer 2012 -2014
  • Senior Lecturer 2015

Research | Current

  • Colonial and cultural nationalism in New Zealand
  • New Zealand cultural history
  • Dominion identity in New Zealand, Canada and Australia: Settler cultures and colonialism in the twentieth century
  • British empire trade and consumption

Teaching | Current

HISTORY 107 Rethinking New Zealand History

HISTORY 252 Snapshots: New Zealand Cultural History

HISTORY 352 Snapshots: New Zealand Cultural History

HISTORY 700 Settlers and Empire

HISTORY 780 Dissertation

Postgraduate supervision



Ella Arbury, 'A Healthy Home:The influence of ideas dabout health on Maori and Pakeha homes in Auckland, 1918-1945'  co-supervised with Professor Linda Bryder.

Candida Keithley,'Maori and Modernity: The Hot Lakes District, 1870-1939', co-supervised with Dr Aroha Harris.

Anna Gilderdale ‘A page without borders: young people and the transnational world of Anglo print culture, 1880-1930',co-supervised with A/P Caroline Daley.

Rowan Light, 'Commemorating Anzac: Memory, History, and Identity', co-supervsied with A/P Malcolm Campbell.

Chris Turnbull, 'New Zealand in the Pacific 1840-1940', co-supervised with Professor Linda Bryder.

Willem Van Gent: 'A History of the Milan Brych Cancer Treatment Controversy in New Zealand, Rarotonga, Queensland and California', co-supervised with Professor Linda Bryder.

BA (Hons) Dissertation

Kershia Singh, 'Indentured Labour: New Zealand’s commentary, ideas, and responses to Indentured Indians"



Ryan Anderson, 'Māori Travellers in London, 1880-1940'.

 Terry Grant: 'The emergence of regional identity in New Zealand – 1840 to 1876'.

Anna Gilderdale: 'A ‘good’ addiction: young folks’ reading practices and literary networks in New Zealand 1880-1914.'

 Ian Russell: 'A Mercantile History of Auckland during the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries'.

Georgie Craw: ‘Comparing European perceptions of Maori in Europe and in New Zealand, 1793-1850'  (shortlisted Bert Roth Award 2015)

Daniel Millar: ‘New Zealanders in the British colonial services, 1920-1975’.

BA (Hons) Dissertation

Rachel Schmidt: ‘The reception and experiences of Samoan children in Auckland schools leading up to and during the overstayer era in New Zealand from 1970-1976.’ 2017

Chris Turnbull: ‘Sir George Richardson in Western Samoa.’ 2017

Asher Lewis: ‘Jewish Refugees in New Zealand: Public and official attitudes to the migration of Jewish refugees to New Zealand between the Nuremburg Laws being passed, and the onset of the Second World War.’ 2017

Emily Frew: ‘Tried, tested, and true: the social construction of ‘modern’ New Zealand baking 1890-1945.’2017

Ben Curtis: 'Making Melodies: Constructing New Zealand Music since 1989'.

Anna Gilderdale: 'Wild Child’ Consumers? Children’s consumer culture through the children’s pages of the Otago Witness and New Zealand Farmer, 1899-1914.'

Terry Grant: 'Purchasing options for New Zealand’s late nineteenth century consumers' .

Tara Hauraki:'Big Bronzed ANZAC:The height, weight and girth of New Zealand identity in World War One.'

Candida Keithley, 'The Silent Division?: Understanding New Zealand soldiers’experience of fear during World War I.'

Alexandra McIntyre, 'For God, For Family, For Country: Conservative Perspectives on the 1986 Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand'.

Daniel Millar: “Far From Home: New Zealand travellers to Britain in the 1930s’, (Hons) Dissertation.

James Mackay: ‘From Liz to Lyndon: The Dynamics of Colonial Culture in New Zealand’s International Relations 1953-1966’.


2017: Judge Inaugural Mary Boyd Prize for Best Article in New Zealand History, New Zealand Historical Association.

2015: Winner Mary Boyd Prize for Best Article in New Zealand History 2014/15, New Zealand Historical Association.

2013: Judge Inaugural Mary Boyd Prize for Best Article in New Zealand History, New Zealand Historical Association.

2009: Vice Chancellor’s Prize for Best Thesis, University of Auckland

2008: Dean of Graduate Studies List for PhD Thesis

2006: Myra and Eric McCormick Scholarship in History

2004: University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship


BA(Hons) Adviser for History

Areas of expertise

New Zealand history, especially cultural history, and settler colonial history.

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • Reviews Editor (NZ) Australian Historical Studies
  • Secretary New Zealand Historical Association 2016-2018
  • Member UOA Museums and Cultural Heritage Board of Studies
  • Member New Zealand Journal of History Board of Governance
  • Member Auckland Museum Nancy Bamford Museum Grants Committee

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Barnes, F. (2018). Lancashire's ‘War’ with Australia: Rethinking Anglo-Australian Trade and the Cultural Economy of Empire, 1934–36. The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 1-24. 10.1080/03086534.2018.1452539
  • Barnes, F., & Higgins, D. M. (2017). Brand image, cultural association and marketing: ‘New Zealand’ butter and lamb exports to Britain, c.1920–1938. Business History10.1080/00076791.2017.1344223
  • Barnes, F. (2016). Changing Times: New Zealand since 1945 [Book Review]. The American historical review, 121 (2), 551-552. 10.1093/ahr/121.2.551
  • Barnes, F. (2015). Bill Massey’s Tourists in the Big Smoke: Rethinking the Great War’s Role in New Zealand’s National Identity. Journal of New Zealand Literature, 33 (2). Related URL.
  • Barnes, F. (2015). Ellis Ashmead Bartlett (1881–1931). In D. Cannadine (Ed.) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Related URL.
  • Barnes, F. (2015). A lucky snap: reframing colonial culture through a pictorialist lens. In A. Cooper, L. Paterson, A. Wanhalla (Eds.) The Lives of Colonial Objects. Dunedin: Otago University Press.
  • Barnes, F. (2014). Dominion Soldiers on Leave in Europe (NZ). 1914-1918-online: International Encyclopedia of the First World War. Berlin: Freie Universität Berlin. Related URL.
  • Barnes, F. (2014). Bringing Another Empire Alive? The Empire Marketing Board and the Construction of Dominion Identity, 1926-33. Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 42 (1), 61-85. 10.1080/03086534.2013.826456


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Semester Two, 2015: by appointment

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Level 7, Room 701
New Zealand

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