Dr Ethan R Plaut

BA (ad hoc: Formal Systems and the Arts), MSJ (Journalism) Northwestern University; MA (Communication) MS (Computer Science) PhD (Communication) Stanford University


Ethan Plaut is a Lecturer in Communication at the University of Auckland specializing in computational media, disconnection and communication avoidance, digital journalism and propaganda, and media ethics. He previously held postdoctoral fellowships in Computer Science and Rhetoric at Stanford University and is also a former journalist, including three years at an independent newspaper in Cambodia.

Teaching | Current

COMMS 208 Digital Communication Ethics
COMMS 301 Digital Communication and Practice
MEDIA 745 Communication Excess and Avoidance
COMMS 202 Audiences and Users

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Plaut, E. R. (2016). Enlightenment, the remix: Transparency as a DJ's trick of seeing everyone from nowhere. Communication, Culture and Critique, 9 (2), 303-321. 10.1111/cccr.12107
  • Messing, S., Jabon, M., & Plaut, E. (2016). Bias in the flesh: Skin complexion and stereotype consistency in political campaigns. Public Opinion Quarterly, 80 (1), 44-65. 10.1093/poq/nfv046
  • Plaut, E. R. (2015). Technologies of avoidance: The swear jar and the cell phone. First Monday, 20 (11)10.5210/fm.v20i11.6295

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