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Eduardo Piñeros is Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics, specialising in phonology and morphology. He received his BA in Modern Languages from the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Colombia and his MA and PhD in Hispanic Linguistics from the Ohio State University. Prior to 2009, when he joined the University of Auckland, he was Associate Professor at the University of Iowa (2005-2009), Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa (1999-2005), and Assistant Professor at Central Michigan University (1998-1999).

Research | Current

  • Segmental phonology
  • Suprasegmental phonology
  • Word-formation processes
  • Nominal and verbal inflection

My research explores aspects of both segmental and suprasegmental Spanish sound structure as well as aspects of Spanish word structure. My publications are on topics such as assimilation, labialisation, and velarisation of nasal stops; nasal-stop inventories; quantity sensitivity and primary stress assignment; spirantisation of voiced stops; obstruent vocalisation; sonorant syllabisation; lexical blending; truncation; language games; and grammatical categories.

Teaching | Current

SPANISH 104 Beginners' Spanish 1

SPANISH 341/741 Spanish Sound Structure

SPANISH 342/742 Spanish Word Formation

SPANISH 700 Spanish Language: Theory and Practice

Postgraduate supervision

I have supervised numerous postgraduate students (BA Honours, MA, and PhD) working on a variety of topics in Spanish phonology and morphology and I welcome new proposals from students interested in any topic in these areas of Spanish linguistics. 


2015      Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award – University of Auckland 

2012      Teaching Excellence Award for Innovation – Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland 

2005      Innovations in Instructional Computing Award – University of Iowa 

2001      Fulbright-Hays Faculty Award – U.S. Department of Education   

2000      Arts and Humanities Initiative Award – University of Iowa 

2000      Old Gold Summer Fellowship – University of Iowa  


Deputy Head of School (Academic)

Spanish Postgraduate Advisor

Areas of expertise

  • Spanish phonology
  • Morphology
  • Phonetics
  • Dialectology

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Piñeros CE (2019). The coding of sex in Spanish nouns. Lingua, 219, 39-89. 10.1016/j.lingua.2018.11.005
  • Piñeros C-E (2017). Person and number markers in Spanish verb forms. Lingua, 195, 1-38. 10.1016/j.lingua.2017.05.009
  • Pineros, C. E. (2016). Exceptional nasal-stop inventories. Catalan Journal of Linguistics, 15, 67-100. Related URL.
  • Pineros, C. E. (2016). Acento. In Gutiérrez-Rexach J (Ed.) Enciclopedia de lingüística hispánica, Volume 1 (pp. 357-368). London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. Related URL.
  • Piñeros CE (2016). The phonological weight of Spanish syllables. In Nuñez-Cedeño R (Ed.) The syllable and stress: Studies in honor of James W. Harris (pp. 271-314). Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter. 10.1515/9781614515975-011
  • Pineros, C. E. (2013). La labialización nasal en español: El papel de la estructura suprasegmental. Lingüística Española Actual, 35 (1), 5-40. Related URL.
  • Pineros, C. E. (2011). ¿Es el entrecruzamiento léxico realmente un proceso sustractivo?. Lingüística Española Actual, 33 (1), 75-100. Related URL.
  • Pineros, C. E. (2011). El inventario fonémico nasal del español: un estudio comparativo. Revista Española de Lingüística, 41 (1), 73-112. Related URL.


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Wednesday and Friday: 3-4pm or by appointment

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