About First Year Experience

This programme is designed to help first year students succeed at university.

First Year Experience partners incoming students in the Faculty of Arts with a student mentor who will provide orientation and pastoral support throughout their first year of study. This partnership will help to quickly integrate first year students into campus culture, making the transition to university study smoother.

The first year of university study can be very challenging as you attempt to balance the demands of study, work, family and friends. Having a mentor for support could mean the difference between becoming overwhelmed by these demands or developing the skills to help you balance the demands that university study places on your life.

Your mentor will be a great source of information about the services on campus and how to use them. First Year Experience will also allow you to meet other students taking the same courses as you, so you can start to make your own social networks on campus and hopefully get the most out of your time at University.

We hope the First Year Experience programme will help you to feel comfortable at university, do your very best in your studies, make new friends, and have lots of fun!

Nina Riikonen

For more information contact:

Nina Riikonen
First Year Experience Coordinator
+64 9 923 2652