Arts Assignment Centre

The Arts Assignment Centre is on Level 4 of the Social Sciences Building, 10 Symonds St (201E-413). If you are looking to submit an assignment, thesis or dissertation, you've come to the right place.

The Arts Assignment Centre is also the place to collect marked assignments after classes are finished and pick up coursebooks that are included in your course fees.

If you are looking for course planning, enrolment queries or general enquiries regarding your degree, visit the Arts Students' Centre around the corner.


9am-4:30pm Monday to Friday, except public holidays

Assignment submission and collection

Assignments are to be submitted into the wall-mounted drop boxes at the Arts Assignment Centre before the deadline given in your course outline.

  • The submission deadline is usually 4pm unless otherwise specified.
  • Boxes are emptied on opening and at 4pm.
  • If you submit your assignment after 4pm, you can expect that it will be electronically recorded as being submitted the next working day.
  • The submission time is electronically recorded and this data is available to your lecturers and tutors.

If you think you will not be able to submit your assignment on time, we strongly suggest you contact your lecturer to organise an extension. We cannot give extensions, or bend the submission deadline rules. We are not able to change the time stamp assigned by the system. Broken printers are not considered to be a valid excuse. You need to contact your lecturer, tutor or course coordinator to discuss anything related to late submissions, as we are not able to make a decision.

All assignments go into the wall-mounted submission boxes. This includes: assignments for all levels (undergraduate and postgraduate), early assignments, late assignments, and assignments with extensions/doctor’s notes.

Use a coversheet

The most important part when submitting an assignment is the cover sheet. Cover sheets must be generated on Canvas.
Each cover sheet contains a personalised QR-Code with your information. We cannot generate it. Only you have the power, grasshopper.

Please make sure that your QR-Code is complete, machine readable, not resized and not corrupted. Arts Assignment Centre staff need this QR-code to scan, track and process assignments in a timely manner. Furthermore, each cover sheet has a declaration on it which you must date and sign.

Assignments without a cover sheet cannot and will not be recorded. Assignments with an outdated, non-Canvas coversheet also cannot be recorded. In addition, you may be penalised for failing to sign and date the declaration. Should there be no cover sheet available, inform your lecturer and ask him/her to activate this feature on Canvas. However, Canvas has the functionality to generate a cover sheet separate from any course, so you should be able to generate one in any case. If this is not working for you, please contact the Kate Edger IT help desk.

If we receive assignments without a cover sheet or insufficient information via the drop boxes after hours, we cannot guarantee that your assignment will be properly recorded and processed. We can also take no responsibility for lost assignments in this case.

Staple your assignment

Our stapler
Our stapler

It is also very important that you staple your assignment. We provide an automated stapler for this purpose at reception. However, should you submit after hours you must go to the library or the Kate Edger Information Commons, which also provide automated staplers.

Do not use origami folding techniques, pins, blue-tack, paper clips, thread, hair ties, or chewing gum. If you submit an assignment that is not stapled we can take no responsibility for lost pages or penalties exacted by the lecturer. If you submit an assignment connected with chewing gum, it will be disposed of as a health and safety risk. We are not joking, people actually do this. Don’t be one of them.

You are well-advised to not wait until the last minute to submit your assignment. Often printers act up, Auckland traffic is not on your side or you realise that you need to amend something. Unfortunately, none of these is seen as exceptional circumstances and the system we use will still count the assignment as late. So please make sure to leave plenty of time to finalise your assignment and get to the Arts Assignment Centre in time.

Collection of assignments

Assignments can be collected either in class during the semester (please ask your lecturer about hand back dates for your assignment and make sure you attend all sessions) or on set days/times from the Arts Assignment Centre after teaching finishes. We do not keep assignments without an official coversheet behind the desk. Such assignments will be handed back in class or can be collected directly from your lecturer after teaching finishes.

If you would like to pick up an assignment from the desk, you must bring your University of Auckland ID with you. You are not able to pick up assignments for your friends/family members or look at your friends' or classmates' assignments.

Uncollected assignments will be disposed after the second week of the subsequent semester, including Summer School.

Thesis/dissertation submission


You need to submit two softbound copies to the Arts Assignment Centre. Make sure each copy conforms to the formal requirements outlined in the Guide to Theses and Dissertations.

Masters theses

For the initial examination submission you are to hand in:

  • One softbound copy to the Arts Assignment Centre. Make sure each copy has the proper declaration as outlined in the Guide to Theses and Dissertations indicating that the thesis is for examination purposes only and is confidential to the examination process.*
  • One digital copy in PDF format submitted to

*Master of Creative Writing students need to submit two unbound or softbound hard copies of your project.

For the final library submission* you need to submit:

  • A PDF version to Research Space.
  • One hardbound copy to the Arts Assignment Centre, which must include a loose copy of the Research Space email confirmation and a Thesis Library Consent Form as part of the bound thesis. The consent form comes first, before all the other parts of your thesis. Make sure the declaration has been changed to reflect that this is the final version of your thesis and not the examination copy.

*Research Portfolios, Master of Creative Writing Projects and Master of Arts in Screen Production projects do not have final submissions.

For any queries, please consult the Guide to Theses and Dissertations or email


If you would like to collect a coursebook first make sure that it is included in your course fees. If not it is very likely that you can buy it from ubiq in the Kate Edger Information Commons.

To pick up your coursebook you need to be enrolled in the course and you must present your Student ID and confirm receipt with your signature. You are not able to pick up a course book for a friend.

Lost property

Try the central lost property in the AUSA building opposite the General Library.