A Bachelor of Arts can help your child develop skills which they can use in a wide range of careers. Our graduates have moved into careers with government ministries, councils, the press, Fonterra and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Where can our Bachelor of Arts take your child?

Our graduates have gone on to careers in:

  • advertising and public relations
  • business and banking
  • cultural heritage and curation
  • local and national government
  • policy analysis and development
  • publishing
  • communications and marketing
  • film, television and media
  • journalism
  • the justice system
  • language teaching, translation and interpreting
  • teaching
  • writing, editing and publishing
  • diplomacy

How do we prepare your child for their career?

The BA gives students the opportunity to discover and pursue their academic interests within a supportive and stimulating environment to prepare them for their future in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.

The skills that your child can gain through an Arts qualification such as working in a team; making decisions and solving problems; verbal communication; planning, organising and prioritising work; obtaining and processing information;and the ability to create and edit written reports were highly ranked in Forbes' 10 Skills Employers Most Want in 2015 Graduates.

Where are our graduates working?

Read about the careers of our graduates.

Find out where an Arts degree could take your child in our Careers for Arts Graduates ebook.