What are classes like?

In the Faculty of Arts you will be responsible for your own learning. Each course you take will be taught through lectures, tutorials, practical workshops and/or laboratories.



Lectures are the basic training method for most courses. The lecturer explains key ideas and shares new research while you listen and take notes. Lecture handouts are also often given out at the lecture, and many lectures are uploaded online. Studies have indicated that taking notes by hand is more beneficial for your learning, so consider keeping your laptop stowed when attending lectures.


Tutorials are where you will do a lot of your learning. Faculty of Arts tutorials are participatory and focus on discussion, debate and questions about topics and material from lectures. This is your chance to clarify your understanding of the lecture material and discuss and debate it with your peers. Tutorials may also revolve around important new material, such as textbook readings, that you might not learn about in lectures. Participation in tutorials often counts towards your final grade for the course.

How are classes assessed?

Most Bachelor of Arts courses are marked through both coursework and an exam, although some more advanced courses are assessed only through coursework.

Coursework includes all the assignments you complete during the semester. These assignments can take many forms such as essays, group projects and tests. You must hand coursework in on time, and you must complete all coursework that is set.

Exams are usually two or three hours long, and take place at the end of the semester. Classes finish before exams begin to give you time to revise. It is compulsory to sit the exam if there is one for the course.

How should I arrange my week?

At university a large amount of independent study is required in addition to attending tutorials and lectures. For more information, take a look at our timetable example.